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MJF: More than 4,000 women, children victims of violence in Aug-Sept

  • Published at 08:52 pm October 19th, 2020
Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)
Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) Collected

A total of 1,081 children became victims of violence during this period, says MJF

As many as 4,315 women and children became victims of violence during August-September, following the withdrawal of coronavirus-induced general holidays and resumption of regular activities. 

Of the total victims, 99% became victims of domestic violence. Of these, 56% were abused by their husbands, and children by their parents. Other family members and in-laws were also among perpetrators, said Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) in a press release issued on Monday.

It was found that among all the perpetrators, 89 were addicts, followed by miscreants, 72, and employers, 53. 

Besides, political party workers, students, supervisors, and socially powerful people were also among the perpetrators, it added.

MJF interviewed a total of 72,645 people in 174 upazilas in 59 districts during the months of August and September to find out how women and children were fairing in the Covid-19 crisis. 

Of them, 46,521 were women and 26,124 were children. 

It was found that a total of 4,428 incidents of domestic violence took place during the period.

In these incidents 1,980 were victims of mental abuse, 1,244 were victims of physical abuse, 1,164 were victims of economic abuse, and 40 were sexually harassed. 

A total of 1,081 children became victims of violence during this period, said MJF, adding, among the victims, 636 were girls and 418 boys and of them, a total of 77% were victims of domestic violence. 

There were also new victims during the same time – 1,767 were women and 872 children – and the rate of new victims was 81% for children and 55% for women during these two months.

Through 96 partner NGOs, MJF conducted this survey with the funding support of FCDO, SIDA, and Global Affairs Canada, to prevent domestic and other forms of violence against women and children. 

MJF and partner NGOs also provided counselling, follow-up for delivery of services, communication support, medical and legal assistance to local leaders, including children and women victims of violence.