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Covid-19 Lockdown? What lockdown?

  • Published at 05:20 pm April 8th, 2021
Shops open at the RDA Market in Rajshahi
Shops open at the RDA Market in Rajshahi on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 Dhaka Tribune

Most passersby were seen with masks hanging from their chins rather than covering their faces

City dwellers spent a lax lockdown on Thursday, the fourth day of the nationwide week-long restrictions.

People moved around the city and most of them were seen with masks hanging from their chins rather than covering their faces.

Several commuters in the busiest points of the city, including Karwan Bazar, Farmgate, Mohakhali and Banani, were seen breaching health protocols.

People have clearly become even more careless about the restrictions after learning that the authorities had allowed shopping malls to open against the background of a series of protests over the lockdown.

The government has allowed shopping malls and shop owners to resume their commercial activities from 9am to 5pm, in line with strict health guidelines.

Earlier, the government lifted restrictions on public transport in the city corporation areas from Wednesday.

Mannan Mia, a street vendor in the Karwan Bazar area, told this newspaper: "We do not care about anything other than our income. We have to earn our livelihood on a day-to-day basis. So, all businesses should run properly."

"We are very happy to learn that daily activities are getting normal. The economy will collapse again if the government does not pay any heed to demands for a reopening of  every enterprise," a furniture businessman in Panthapath, Ashik Khan, told Dhaka Tribune.

Meanwhile, people continue flouting health rules as Covid-19 lockdown goes into its fourth day.

People were out on the streets in search of livelihoods while shops remained open in many areas of Dhaka. Some streets saw a regular movement of traffic.

Customers were seen conversing at tea stalls, having food at eateries, and smoking cigarettes with not a care in the world and that too without wearing masks.

Many grocery shops were seen open, with many shopkeepers and salespersons not wearing masks. Even some customers were seen outside without a mask.

Many shopkeepers in the Farmgate and Karwan Bazar areas were seen selling products in clandestine manner after closing time on Wednesday.

Additionally, kitchen markets were open in different areas, with hardly any signs of the panic buying which had characterised the preceding three days.