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India returnees in quarantine: Hotels expensive, government facilities unclean

  • Published at 07:36 pm May 8th, 2021
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Those in government quarantine facilities are complaining that there is no one to attend to them, environment is unclean and there is no supply of drinking water 

At least 500 returnees from India have been quarantined in 11 places, including hotels and government establishments, in Khulna. 

Those quarantined in hotels are demanding a seven-day quarantine instead of the standard 14 days quarantine, stating that they are under immense financial burdens. On the other hand, people in government quarantine centres are spending their days in unsanitary conditions and battling a mosquito menace.

Mohammad Iqbal Hossain of Chittagong, who is in quarantine at Hotel Ambassador in Khulna, said: "We have brought a Covid-19 negative report from India. Even then, it would be better if we are quarantined for seven days by the government. 

“Everyday we have to spend Tk2,200 to 2,400 for hotel rent and food. Where will the total expenditure stand in 14 days?”

Debashish Mandal, manager of Hotel Ambassador in Khulna, said 52 people had been quarantined so far. Everyone had been given a 50% discount. 

"There are no facilities for our safety. Employees are providing services by maintaining safety measures themselves,” he added.

ASI Mohammad Mamun Sardar, who is in charge of security at the hotel, said police and Ansar members were making sure that people in quarantine could not get out and no one from outside could meet them. 

So far, 116 people have been quarantined at Khulna Teachers Training College (TTC). Of them, five have been sent to the hospital.

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Rokhsana Begum, 45, who is in quarantine at TTC, said four members of her family, including her husband Mostakin, were staying at TTC. 

She complained that the place was full of garbage and mosquitoes and the bathrooms were not clean. No one was even attending to them, she added.

Md Mamun Sheikh, who is also quarantined at TTC, complained that he had been brought there five days ago, but another person who came there on Saturday had also been kept in the same room as his.

“Then no one is safe. The newcomers need to be kept separate,” he demanded.

Meanwhile, local residents complained that people who came into quarantine here were moving around freely. They were fetching water from a tubewell in Teligati village, where many village people also come to collect water. As a result, there was a risk of a spread of coronavirus germs.

People in quarantine, preferring anonymity, said that there were no cleaners there nor was there any drinking water supplier.

TTC Supervisor Selim Reza said there was no PPE or healthcare equipment at the place. There was a shortage of manpower as well. 

“We need 12 PPEs here, but the administration has provided us with three,” he added.

Khulna Additional Deputy Commissioner (Overall) Md Yusuf Ali said the service providers serving those returning from India were taking self-protection. No one was coronavirus positive but they could be carrying germs. So everyone was providing services from a safe distance.