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From a cowshed to a dairy farm: Story of a homemaker becoming an entrepreneur

  • Published at 01:23 pm July 25th, 2021
Monwara Begum
Monwara Begum in her farm in Chittagong UNB

‘Entrepreneurs like Monwara are major sources for meeting the country’s need for milk and meat’

Monwara Begum’s five-year journey from being a homemaker to a successful entrepreneur began with three cows.

Her dream journey began in 2016 when she convinced her husband to buy the cows to get milk to meet the family’s requirements.  

A small cowshed was made for the cattle at her Sreepur village in Boalkhali upazila of the district.

Five years down the line, that cowshed has been replaced by a bigger “Pure Dairy Farm” of 31 cows.

“Five years ago we bought the three milch cows just to meet the milk requirement of our family,” said Monwara. “Then I started selling the surplus milk to neighbours.”

Inspired by this extra income Monwara started dreaming big and expand her business.

She put hard work into her determination to fulfill her dreams. And thanks to her family’s support she is now a proud owner of a dairy farm, where she added a side business of rearing sacrificial animals to sell before Eid-ul-Azha.

Today, Monwara gets 120-130 litres of milk from the farm a day, which she sells at Tk60-65 per litre. Besides, she reared six cows to sell in Eid cattle markets.

Monwara Begum's cowshed | UNB Her farm covers an area 34,484 square feet, where she has taken up a smart farming method of vegetables, fish, duck, chicken, and goat of local breed alongside the dairy. 

Monwara is also now an employer of five workers who assist her in taking care of the farm.

Modern technologies have been incorporated in Monwara’s farm to attend to the cows while the whole farm area was brought under CCTV surveillance. German grass is grown in the farmland to feed cows and cow dung is being used as fertilizer for growing vegetables in this ideal farm. 

Monowara said she is planning to set up a Biogas plant in the farm too.

Veterinary doctor of Boalkhali upazila livestock office Abdullah Al Mamun lauded Monwara for her enterprising spirit.

“Entrepreneurs like Monwara are major sources for meeting the country’s need for milk and meat. It is for them we don’t have to look to other countries, “he said.

However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Monwara suffered a setback like many others as the price for cattle fodder spiked. But a government stimulus of Tk20,000 helped her to overcome the losses.

Monwara is now also a mentor of many young entrepreneurs in Boalkhali who want to start farming like her. 

Despite her transformation Monwara still considers her a dedicated homemaker and credits her supporting family for the success.

“At the end of the day I’m still a housewife,” she said, “I’m glad that many feel motivated by my work.”