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Report: 274 women, children tortured in August

  • Published at 11:05 pm September 1st, 2021
women rape

34 females including 12 girls have died mysteriously

At least 103 women, including 52 girl children, were raped in August, according to Bangladesh Mahila Parishad.

Of them, seven girls were gang-raped and one was killed after being raped.

The report was prepared on the basis of 13 daily newspaper articles by the Central Legal Aid section of the organization, which says a total of 274 women and girls were subjected to torture last month.

Of the total, 26 people, including 15 girl children, had rape attempts made on them. Two people, one of them a girl child, were sexually abused while nine females, including six girl children, were sexually harassed.

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At the same time, one woman was a victim of an acid attack while another succumbed to burn injuries.

Moreover, three women, including one child, were harassed while 12 females, including 10 children, were abducted and one was subjected to an abduction attempt.

The rights body reported two incidents of women trafficking during the same period.

It said 30 people, including eight girls, were murdered due to various reasons while another 12 females, including two children, were subjected to murder attempts.

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Eight females were tortured in relation to demands for dowry, with one of them dying from torture. Additionally, a total of 10 people, including three girls, were tortured for dowry.

On the other hand, five females, including two girls, committed suicide due to torture. Besides, three females, including two girls, tried to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, 34 females, including 12 girls, died in mysterious circumstances and six females, one of them a girl child, were victims of cyber crime last month, the organization said.