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Boro seedbeds suffer due to winter and dense fog in Hili

  • Published at 11:33 am January 15th, 2019
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A Boro seedbed during extreme cold weather in Dinajpur Dhaka Tribune

The continuous cold waves and dense fog congestion have made Boro seedlings turn red

Dinajpur's Hili, for the last few days,has been enduring extreme weather – more specifically,enduring relentless cold waves and dense fog formations in the area.

This has resulted in a sharp decrease in the already cold temperature.

Due to these adverse weather conditions,  Boro seedbeds are suffering from winter-related diseases,from which the seedlings slowly decaying.

According to local farmer Sujon, from Jalalpur village in Hili, the continuous cold waves and dense fog congestion for the last several days have made the Boro seedlings turn red and start dying.

He said:"We have applied the pesticides accordingly. Still there is no improvement. We have also applied extra water as per the suggestion of the local agricultural office."

Shariful, another farmer from the same locality, said: "If the weather continues like this and we do not receive any solution to resolve the situation, we cannot meet the Boro paddy cultivation expectations."

Addressing the issue,Hakimpur upazila Agriculture Officer Shamima Nazneen said:"We had targeted Boro paddy cultivation on 7,450 hectares of land in Hakimpur upazila. Accordingly, the target for seedbeds in the upazila was set to 366 hectares of land. We have been able to achieve that target. We have advised the local farmers to provide extra irrigation to the seedbed and spray pesticides on the affected areas. We hope that this will not be an issue for us to meet our set target."