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Pineapple demand skyrockets amid bumper yield in Tangail

  • Published at 06:43 pm September 2nd, 2021
The two biggest wholesale markets in Tangail’s Madhupur upazila
The two biggest wholesale markets in Tangail’s Madhupur upazila —Jalchhatra and Garo Bazar—abuzz with buyers and sellers from different parts of the country at this time of the year Dhaka Tribune

Pineapple growers are delighted to be earning a good profit this season

Tangail’s Madhupur upazila is famous for producing sweet and juicy pineapples that have a widespread demand all over the country. 

As such, the two biggest wholesale markets in the upazila—Jalchhatra and Garo Bazar—remain abuzz with buyers and sellers from different parts of the country during this time of the year.

Farmers say they are happy with a price this year as there is a high demand for pineapples amid a bumper yield in the region due to favourable weather.

Pineapple growers and traders said that pineapples are being sold at a much higher price this time than last year. This year, quality-wise each pineapple is being sold at Tk25-65, whereas pineapples were sold at Tk15-45 last year.

According to the Madhupur Upazila Agriculture Office, pineapples have been cultivated in about 14,000 acres of land in the upazila this season, which is 50 acres more than last year. An average of 13,000 pineapples are produced per acre. Pineapples produced in and around Madhupur are marketed through Madhupur Jalchhatra and Garo Bazar wholesale markets. Pineapples worth Tk10 to 15 lakh are sold in these markets every day.

According to the district Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE),  the“Honey Queen” and “Giant Q” varieties of pineapples are cultivated in Ghatail and Madhupur upazilas of Tangail. Last year, pineapples were cultivated on 7,186 hectares of land and this year, the fruit has been cultivated on 7,200 hectares of land.

Hisab Ali, a pineapple farmer from Garo Bazar, said: “I’ve grown pineapples on two acres of land at a cost of around Tk2 lakhs. After working at it for 18 months, I have earned a profit of Tk5 lakh. Besides, I have yet to sell around one-fourth of all my pineapples.”

Another farmer, Chanowar Hossain, said he had cultivated pineapples on four acres of land and sold around 50,000 pineapples. He has yet to sell 30,000 more. 

“This time I’m able to sell pineapples at a much higher price and as a result, the profit is also much higher than in the past few years,” he added.

Hafizur Rahman, who sells pineapples wholesale at Garo Bazar, said: “We have been seeing pineapples in the market since June and this will continue till the middle of September. Farmers from different areas are bringing pineapples to Garo Bazar and Jalchhatra Haat every day. Wholesalers are buying pineapples by the truckload and sending them to different parts of the country.”

Madhupur Upazila Agriculture Officer Mahmudul Hasan said: “There is a high demand for pineapples in the market and on top of that yields have improved this year due to favourable weather. So farmers are happy getting good prices for their produce.”

Ahsanul Basar, deputy director of the district Department of Agricultural Extension, said as there was a huge demand for pineapples across the country, farmers here had expanded the cultivation of the fruit. 

Pineapple growers have been trained on the organic cultivation of pineapples so that they stay away from using harmful chemicals.

He added that pineapples from Madhupur went to different parts of the country. In this case, assistance was being provided from the agriculture office and the upazila administration. Due to the demand for pineapples, their prices have doubled this time. As a result, pineapple farmers are reaping the benefit.