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Lawyer accused of stealing 28C cheque from case documents in Chittagong

  • Published at 11:59 pm September 13th, 2021
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The lawyer denies the allegation against him

A lawyer in Chittagong has been accused of stealing a cheque worth Tk28 crore from the case dockets in the court.

Chittagong Fifth Joint Metropolitan Sessions Judge Zahir Uddin lodged a written complaint to Metropolitan Sessions Judge Sheikh Ashfaqur Rahman in this regard.

The accused lawyer, Jobayer Mohammad Aurangzeb, is a member of the Chittagong District Bar Association.

On November 24, 2013, First Security Islami Bank Agrabad branch filed a cheque fraud case, against a Chittagong-based company SA Group's Chairman Shahabuddin Alam and his wife Yasmin Alam, with the Fifth Joint Chittagong Metropolitan Sessions Judge's Court.

Later, the trial started against the duo in the cheque fraud case worth Tk27,97,88,072.

According to the complaint sent to the Metropolitan Sessions Judge, advocate Jobayer Mohammad Aurangzeb at 5pm on Thursday asked the office assistant of the Fifth Joint Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s Court to look into the case file. 

The office assistant verified all the documents inside the file and gave it to advocate Jobayer to view the entire document.

Later, the office assistant noticed that the cheque was missing from the file.

The office assistant and the bench assistant did not find advocate Jobayer following the incident. 

At around 7 pm, they informed Judge Zahir Uddin about the matter. 

At that time, the bench assistant also informed Chittagong District Bar Association General Secretary AHM Ziauddin.

Later, the bench assistant managed to trace advocate Jobayer and recovered the stolen cheque from Hotel Agrabad at around 10 pm.

Chittagong District Bar Association General Secretary AHM Ziauddin said: “We have received a complaint from the Metropolitan Sessions Judge. We have already formed a three-member investigation committee.”

Meanwhile, advocate Jobayer denied the allegations against him and claimed that his clerk Imtiaz had stolen the cheque.

He said: “I did not steal the check. Around 3pm on Thursday, I went to see the case documents with my clerk Imtiaz. I looked at the documents and left. At around 6 pm, the assistant of the Metropolitan Sessions Judge called me and informed me that a cheque of Tk28 crore had been stolen from the case documents. 

“They thought I took it. I refused and started questioning my clerk Imtiaz. When Imtiaz confessed to stealing the check and returned it to me, I returned the check to the Court's office assistant house."

Lawyer Jobayer said that he would file a general diary against clerk Imtiaz.