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Growing up with Sheba Prokashoni

  • Published at 01:04 am February 19th, 2017
  • Last updated at 01:06 am February 19th, 2017
Growing up with Sheba Prokashoni
This year’s main attraction was the 450th edition of “Mastermind,” one of the books in the beloved “Masud Rana” series by Qazi Anwar Husain, the founder of Sheba Prokashoni. In addition, 20 new thrillers, spy and crime novels were also released. NRB Bank Unit Head of Corporate Banking Momtazul Karim has over 500 Sheba Prokashoni books in his collection. He reminisced about his teenage years, saying: “I was not allowed to read these books but I have seen my parents, grandmother and elder brother reading Bengali translated western classics and I desperately wanted to read them. Once, before my SSC exams, I got caught with a Masud Rana book hidden under my exam notes.” He stressed the importance of reading: “This platform makes learning about history and global literature far more accessible to people because they publish everything in Bangla.” Mominul Islam, a Sheba Prokashoni staff, said: “Even though our stall is in a corner, this year we have seen record sales. As you can see, there’s always a small crowd gathered around here buying at least 2-3 books each.” What makes Sheba Prokashoni famous is their publication of beloved classics such as  “Tin Goeyenda” and the “Masud Rana” series and their Bangla translations of Great Expectations, Three Musketeers, Les Miserables, She, Return of She, Three Comrades, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Tale of Two Cities. On Saturday, the book fair saw the arrival of 156 new books and 51 book covers were unveiled.