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Airport authority to impose airlines to deliver ‘left behind luggage’ from October 1

  • Published at 12:08 am October 1st, 2018
Shahjalal airport
File photo of the Terminal -1 of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka Collected

Upon complaint, the airline passenger will also get Tk25,000 to Tk50,000 as compensation with the luggage as well

Civil Aviation executive magistrate of the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA) Dhaka said that from (Monday) October 1, all the airlines have to deliver “left behind luggage” to passenger’s homes.

Executive Magistrate Mohammad Yousuf on Friday in a Facebook post of his said: “If any airline asks you to come to the airport to collect your left over luggage, please let us know.”

He also told passengers to call at the number given at the “Magistrates All Airports of Bangladesh” Facebook page to make their complaints and for that, the passengers will also get Tk25,000 to Tk50,000 as compensation with their luggage.

Meanwhile HSIA Director Group Captain Abdullah Al Faruque said: “We are imposing the airlines to deliver left over luggage to passenger’s homes. This service is available in most countries of the world. If they do not follow the directives, they have to bear hefty amount of fines too.”

Captain Abdullah added: “If passengers are unable to find their luggage, they have to contact the responsible airline. If there are tax payable goods in their left behind luggage, then they have to pay the applicable amount of money and collect the luggage from the airport.” 

Airport authorities have fined several airlines, including Salam Air, Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, Malindo, Malaysian Airlines and several airlines due to passenger harassment regarding left behind baggage.

On September 12, the Airport's mobile court fined Salam Air more Tk12,00000 for not been able to give passengers’ bags on time. On that day, 108 bags of 61 passengers were left behind on the flight.

Earlier, to start delivering left over luggage to passenger’s home, like other countries, Dhaka Airport authorities gave the airline companies till July 1. Later the airline companies requested an extension up to August 1.Even after the deadline, they did not follow the instructions.

From Monday, it will be strictly monitored whether the airlines follow the directives. 

Executive Magistrate Yusuf is also running social networking awareness to make passengers know about their rights in this service.