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Floods push up prices in Dhaka kitchen markets

  • Published at 11:16 pm August 21st, 2020
WEB_Karwan Bazar kitchen market_Rajib Dhar
File photo shows a general view of the kitchen market at Karwan in Dhaka, Bangladesh Rajib Dhar/Dhaka Tribune

The wholesalers and retailers said decreased production and supply crunch due to the flood led to the price hike

The prices of different essentials including vegetables jumped sharply in the capital as supply chains have been disrupted due to heavy rain and recent flood across the country.

The wholesalers and retailers said decreased production and supply crunch due to the flood led to the price hike. Besides, the coronavirus has also disrupted all business activities in the country.  

They said the prices of different vegetables increased Tk10- Tk20 while each kg rice, sugar, oil and lentil went up by Tk2 to Tk5 compared to a week earlier.

Anisur Rahman, a vegetable vendor of old Dhaka, said each kg green chili was sold at Tk200-Tk220, eggplant at Tk70-80, tomato at Tk100-120, bitter gourd at Tk80, potato at Tk 40, which are all higher compared to last week.

“The price of green banana (four pieces) has increased from Tk20-24 to Tk32-40, papaya soared to Tk40-50 per kg, and potato to Tk40 from Tk30, yardlong bean at Tk80, arum at Tk60 and pointed gourd at Tk50-60,” he added.

Anisur said the prices will fall in the market if the supplies are available here.

Sobhan Talukder, owner of a vegetable storehouse at Karwan Bazar, said he does not get enough vegetables as per demand following lack of produce. “The flood impacts in the business amid the coronavirus pandemic,” he also said.

Billal Hossain, a shopkeeper of the area, said each kg rice price increased by Tk2-5 compared to a week due to flood or a secret cause created by millers.

“Increasing the prices depend on wholesale market. If Millers or wholesalers increase the prices then retailers have to sell in high prices too taking some profit,” he added.

Billal said he was selling coarse rice at Tk 40-52 on Friday while fine rice at Tk55 -62, which more compared to a week ago.

According to state run Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) data, the prices of both coarse and fine increased Tk2 -5 per kg compared to a week ago.

“Each kg open soybean oil soared at Tk2 and five litre bottled at Tk10. Besides, per kg lentil price went up to Tk5-10,” the data also showed.

Shafiqul Islam, a resident of Bangshal, said he bought a kg of black-eyed pea at Tk80, bitter gourd at Tk70, potol at Tk60 on Friday.

“Most essential prices increased compared to a week ago. Traders always look for a cause to hike the prices. Now they see flood and coronavirus that is why they are doing extra profit amid the crisis moment,” he also said.

He added hilsha price is stable as its production is up now. “I bought rui fish at Tk400 per kg yesterday and Tilapia at Tk140,” he also said.

Shamsul Alam, a private job holder said the covid-19 pandemic has slashed his earnings by 30 percent, while expenses have increased because of the flood. “We are under much pressure to survive in the city as our earnings somewhat reduced. Increasing essential prices create more pressure for us,” he added.

 “Though other essential prices increased, broiler price somewhat decreased. It’s good for low income people. The government should monitor properly to control all sectors,” he also said.

However, the government has distributed Tk2.89 crore among 50.28 lakh flood-affected people in 33 districts as of August 2, source said.

Agriculture Minister Dr Muhammad Abdur Razzaque said that this year flood has damaged crops on over 1.58 lakh hectares of lands, causing losses worth Tk1,323 crore.

The food production will not be hampered if flood doesn’t repeat this year, Razzaque said adding that the government has taken different schemes to recover the flood damages.