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Prices of winter vegetables cool down in Dhaka

  • Published at 10:14 pm November 20th, 2020
File Photo: A capital kitchen market Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

Prices came down as supply increased

Although the price of soybean oil has increased, the price of winter vegetables has come down in the kitchen markets of the capital, bringing some relief to the buyers.

The main reason behind the price drop can be attributed to the increased supply  of winter vegetables in the market, especially cauliflower, cabbage, beans, and radish, reports Bangla Tribune.

After visiting several markets – Maniknagar, Moghbazar, Segunbagicha, Shantinagar Bazar, and Kawran Bazar – on Friday it was observed that the prices of some vegetables nearly halved compared to last week. With that, the price of eggs has also come down.

Vendors say prices of all types of vegetables started falling due to increased supply. Spinach was sold at Tk50 last week, which is now available at Tk20. Radish, which was sold at Tk50 per kg last week, is now available at Tk20 to Tk30.

Earlier, the price of a small-sized cauliflower was Tk60-70. Now, a medium-sized cauliflower is being sold for Tk30-40. 

Beans top the list of vegetables with lower prices compared to last week. Beans that used to be Tk120 per kg are now being sold at Tk50 to Tk60. Gourd is now available at Tk40-50, which was Tk70 before. 

The price of onion and green chilli has also come down. New onions have arrived in the market which are being sold at Tk50 per kg. Green chillies are sold at Tk120-140 per kg in Maniknagar while it is Tk160 in the Segunbagicha market.

Hasinur Islam, a vegetable seller in Kawran Bazar, said: "The prices of goods in the market are very low.” 

Asked why the prices were falling, he said: "Supply is better now, so prices are starting to drop." He said prices of vegetables, onions, and potatoes would come down further in a few days.

However, the price of local onion in the market is still around Tk70 per kg. Imported onions are being sold at Tk35 to Tk50 per kg. 

Usul Ali, a retailer in Maniknagar market, said it is not possible to sell local onions below Tk70 as the wholesale price is Tk58-60 per kg.

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Tofazzal Ali, a resident of Maniknagar area, said: “Vegetable prices were out of reach for several months. Market has cooled down today [Friday]. The prices of all vegetables went down.”

He speculated that the prices would go down further when new paddy, potato and onion come to the market. However, prices of rice, pulses and soybean oil have increased this week, he said.

It was observed that most of the vegetables, which used to be at Tk 60-70, are now being sold at Tk 50-60 per kg. In some markets it has come down to Tk40-50.

The price of aubergine, which was sold at Tk110 per kg last week, also came down to Tk40-60 per kg. Bitter gourd, which was sold at Tk90-110 per kg, is now available at Tk60-70.

The list of vegetables with lower prices include ridge gourd, pointed gourd, bitter gourd, and taro. 

However, carrots and ripe tomatoes are being sold at steep prices as before. Carrots are being sold at Tk70-100 per kg depending on the market and quality. Ripe tomatoes are being sold at Tk120-140 per kg. However, new tomatoes are available in the market for Tk40-60 per kg.

Old potatoes are being sold at Tk45-50 per kg, while new potatoes are being sold at Tk140-150 per kg.

Prices of edible oil have risen further. Soybean oil is being sold at Tk105 per litre and palm super at Tk98 per litre in Kawran Bazar market.

Haji Golam Mawla, general secretary of the Moulvibazar Businessmen's Association, said: "The demand for soybean oil increases during the winter season, but the supply does not increase. That’s why prices go up.”

Additionally, soybean or palm oil freezes in the winter which also decreases the supply, he said.

Meanwhile, the supply of local fish has increased in the market. As a result, prices have come down. 

Similarly, the price of brown eggs of farm chickens has come down and now they are being sold at Tk95-100 per dozen which was Tk100-105 last week.

The price of fine rice has gone up again. In the Kawran Bazar market, fine miniket rice is being sold at Tk60 per kg and Nazirshail at Tk60-62 per kg. Medium quality rice is being sold at Tk52-53 per kg. However, the price of good quality coarse rice is stable at Tk48-50.