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Inter School and College Science Festival has participants excited about mathematics

  • Published at 12:30 am March 11th, 2017
  • Last updated at 12:44 am March 11th, 2017
Inter School and College Science Festival has participants excited about mathematics
Labib, a first year science student of Notre Dame College in Dhaka, claimed that he can solve any Rubik's cube combination within 6.5 seconds: “My unofficial record is actually 6.027 second.” The current world record is being held by a 21 year old Australian man Feliks Zemdegs. “May be one day, I will be able the world record holder,” said a confident Labib. The second day of the three-day Inter School and College Science Festival was held at Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College (BMARPC), The science festival organised by the BMARPC Science Club in collaboration with University of Liberal Arts (ULAB) was started to generate interest in the sciences again since the number of students enrolling in the subject has gradually been declining in the last two decades. According to Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS) from 2004 to 2015 the number of HSC science students dropped from 25% to 17%, while the corresponding figure for SSC is 34% to 28%. This statistics however failed to show the enthusiasm that was seen in the premise of BMARPC for the last two days. Shaikh MD Rabbi, a 1st year student of Ideal college said that he does not believe studying science is hard. Rabbi came to the science fest to showcase his project that involved producing electricity from beetle leaf: "I love biology and I have been working on this project for years." Monshifur Rahman, Nafisul Islam Esti and Asif Tahsan from Dhaka Residential Model College also took part in the science project competition to showcase their solar panel with indium tin oxide (ITO) glass. "ITO means Indium Tin Oxide. This is not conventional solar panel with silica. It has better capacity than the regular solar panel," said Monshifur Rahman. Diya Chowdhury, a first year science student of Viqarunnesa School and College said that she loves physics and that's why she participated in Physics Olympiad organized on Friday. "I believe taking part in this type of competition actually hones your skills." Meanwhile Altamas Abir from Dhaka College was very excited to take part in the sudoku competition: "This is my first official participation in any type of competition." About his love for sudoku, Altamasa said solving sudoku helps him calculate faster: "Ever since I started solving sudoku, I have become more apt in solving mathematical problem." He said that scientific and mathematical studies are fun: "Many students are afraid of maths but if they take part in this type of program like science fest, then they will see math can be fun." Sadia Ahasan, a second year science student of BMARPC who is also one of 35 supervising organizer of the fest told Dhaka Tribune that managing this mega science fair is not an easy task: “We have over 150 student volunteer and 70 Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC) guides to aid us. “It’s great to see such enthusiasm for science.” Several hundred students from over 30 schools and colleges participated in the first ever science festival.