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Rokeya University: Employees work as invigilators in VC’s absence

  • Published at 08:47 pm May 27th, 2018
Public Administration Department's students at Rangpur's Begum Rokeya University sitting for a written exam with a third class employee working as the invigilator at the university's Syndicate meeting room on Saturday, May 26, 2018 Dhaka Tribune

VC Prof Nazmul is the course teacher of more than 20 subjects, but he stays in Dhaka most of the time

Academic and administrative activities at Begum Rokeya University in Rangpur are being seriously affected as the vice-chancellor (VC) remains absent for long stretches of time.

Sources said VC Prof Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah has had third class employees of the university work as invigilators for the exams for his courses.

He also took viva of students via mobile phone, which sparked rage among teachers and students on the campus.

According to sources at the university and students, Prof Nazmul is the course teacher of more than 20 subjects, but he spends most of his time in Dhaka.

When he comes to Rangpur, he holds exams for seven or eight courses a day and the exams continue till midnight.  

A written exam of a course of the public administration department was held at the syndicate meeting room on Saturday, a weekly holiday.

It is mandatory that the course teacher be present during the exam, but the VC, who is the course teacher, was not present there.

Instead, the VC’s personal secretary, Abul Kalam Azad, a staff member of the exam controller’s office, Nikhil Chandra, and a peon worked as invigilators at the exam centre.

The examinees said the VC spoke to them on mobile phone from Dhaka.

On Friday, an in-class exam of the same department was held in a similar way. After the exam a viva was held. The three employees and a teacher of the statistics department, Prof Rashidul Islam, were present during the viva.

The VC gave the questions to the teacher over mobile phone and the examinees answered. He also instructed the teacher on mobile phone how many points he should give to the students.  

On May 19, the three employees along with the statistics teacher held a viva exam of the social science department in a similar way.

On Sunday, an in-course exam of Master’s students at the social science department was held in the presence of these four people.

“A course teacher can hold exams at their convenient time but they must be present during the exams,” said Zobayer Ibne Taher, head of the public administration department.

He said the VC, who is the course teacher of two exams, should have been present.

Zobayer said he was not aware of that exams have allegedly been held the in presence of employees and a teacher of another department.  “It would be a severe offence,” he noted.

No teacher other than the course teacher can hold exams, he further said.

When asked why he was present at the exams of public administration and social science departments, being a teacher of statistics department, Prof Rashidul Islam said anybody can be an invigilator in any course exam.

“There is no problem with it. I did it at the instruction of the VC,” he said.

He refused to respond when asked if it was right to take the viva over mobile phone.

The VC’s personal secretary, Abul Kalam Azad, admitted that he went to the syndicate meeting room several times.

Nikhil Chandra, an employee of exam controller’s office, who also worked as an invigilator, said he complied with the directive. “I do not know whether it was right or wrong.”

VC Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah could not be reached for comment despite several attempts.