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Buet meets demands, students satisfied, finals likely from Dec 28

  • Published at 01:09 am December 4th, 2019
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Antara Madhuri Tithi, the spokesperson for the protesting students, told Dhaka Tribune, 'We are satisfied with the part dealing with ragging since it is well defined.'

The authorities ofBangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Buet) have conceded all demands of their protesting students through a categorization and inclusion of student politics and ragging related issues in the Buet ordinance 1962.

The university authorities issued a notice, signed by the director of the Directorate of Student’s Welfare (DSW), to this effect on Monday.

General students of the university have expressed their satisfaction with Buet’s decision. However, they obviously would like a clarification regarding certain terms related to student politics as  they have appeared in the Buet authorties’ statement.

As Antara Madhuri Tithi, the spokesperson for the protesting students, told Dhaka Tribune, “We are satisfied with the part dealing with ragging since it is well defined.”

“However, we have some concerns regarding this notice. We will be holding a meeting on Wednesday with our DSW and the deans, and we will notify the media about our stand later that day,” she added.

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The new notice categorizes offences along with measures toward punishment of students involved in ragging and political activities in the university.

Those found guilty of ragging leading to death, serious bodily harm, any form of disability, permanent mental trauma, or disruption of the academic life of fellow students will be permanently expelled from the university, according to the notice.

Furthermore, the law officer of the university will file cases through following due process in connection with any incident mentioned in the notice..

Where ragging involves verbal or physical abuse, extortion or financial hardship, shaming, temporary psychological harm, humiliation, threats, or any other offence deemed by the authorities as gross misconduct, offender(s) will be served warnings or have fines imposed on them.

Moreover, they will be suspended "from the hall for good up to academic withdrawal / barring for a period," the notice said.

In addition, offender(s) will be required to go through psychological or social counselling for periods suggested by the university counsellor prior to resuming their academic life, it said.

Those who are found physically present during ragging or passively participate in the commission of the offence, compel freshers to do odd jobs, or commit any offence considered by the authorities as minor misconduct, will be issued a warning or fined, or suspended from the hall of residence for certain periods.

In cases of political involvement, if an offender is found to be directly or indirectly involved in politics (through any media), holding political posts or conducting political activities (including campaigning, participating in processions, meetings, putting up graffiti or posters, etc) at the university or associating the name of the university with such politics, he or she will be warned, fined, suspended for any length of time, or expelled permanently from the university. Forcing, inducing or inspiring others to take part in the aforementioned activities will entail similar punishment.

Finals likely to commence from Dec 28

DSW director Prof Mizanur Rahman told Dhaka Tribune that the authorities have held a meeting with general students on the suggestion that the term final examinations of the university begin on December 28.

He said: “Students are now willing to sit for the term finals and have recommended the date.”

He added, “We will also hold an academic council meeting on Saturday where we will finalize the test routine and we are hopeful of arranging the exams from December 28.
“We have included a timely categorization of offenses under the sections Moral Turpitude 23; Misconduct (Gross) 22, 24, and 5a; and Misconduct (Minor) 5a. Punishments will be meted out accordingly under the latest scope of penalty if anyone is found guilty,” he said.

Term finals of all departments at Buet were scheduled to start on October 20, but they were eventually postponed owing to a boycott of classes and protests by the agitating students.

With the latest move of a categorization of offences along with penalties prescribed for such offences, the Buet authorities have met all the three demands voiced by students following the gruesome murder of their fellow student Abrar Fahad.