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Team Sparrow launches child abuse prevention campaign

  • Published at 08:35 pm May 13th, 2019
Web-Team Sparrow-Courtesy
Speakers address a Team Sparrow campaign raising awareness against child abuse at Penfield School in Lalmatia, Dhaka on Thursday, April 25, 2019 Courtesy

The organization has joined hands with ‘My Body is My Body’ program

Team Sparrow, a social awareness organization, has joined hands with Chrissy Skyes of the “My Body is My Body” program to raise awareness against child abuse.

The program focuses on teaching children how they can protect themselves from sexual abuse. 

To this end, Team Sparrow arranged an awareness campaign at Penfield School in Lalmatia, Dhaka on April 25. The students and their parents attended the event.

“Child abuse is a serious issue in our society. It is now time to teach our children about how to protect themselves,” Team Sparrow CEO Adib Ahsan said. 

"In our society, most parents do not want to talk about this matter with their children," Adib further said, adding that it was one of the reasons why incidents of child abuse are on the rise in Bangladesh.

The campaign at Penfield School was divided into various sessions and activities. Students participated in educational games and question-and-answer sessions on self-protection.

The campaign also arranged a puppet show, dance performances, and other activities for the children. 

Students from different colleges and universities participated in the campaign as volunteers and supported Team Sparrow. 

Sadeya Sultana, project manager of the campaign, said they wanted to create a safer world for the next generations. 

“This year, we are going to hold these awareness campaigns in many schools around Bangladesh,” she said.

The campaign was sponsored by Facebook, with the Society for Rehabilitation of Autistic Children as co-partner. Dhaka Tribune was the media partner of the event.