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Putting young dreams on canvas

  • Published at 12:03 am August 3rd, 2019
Putting young dreams on canvas-Rajib Dhar
Little artists proudly show their artwork at an art competition held at the Police Staff Convention Centre in Mirpur, Dhaka on Friday, August 2, 2019 Rajib Dhar/Dhaka Tribune

The gathering of kids made the place look as if colourful birds flocked together and pecking grains

On a bright and sunny Friday morning – a pleasant break from the monsoon gloom – the Police Staff Convention Centre in Mirpur, Dhaka became a playground of colours. 

Armed with brushes and palettes, children gathered at the venue, ready to unleash their imagination on blank canvases. 

This is how on Friday morning started for young artists who took part in “Battle of the Brush,” an art competition organized by the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Dhaka West. Dhaka Tribune was a media partner at the event. 

The theme of the competition, which began at 9am and went on till 12:30pm, was “My dream, my world.”

This was the fourth instalment of the art competition, participated by students from more than 50 schools and colleges. 

Participants were divided into four categories: Section 1 (Play Group - KG 2), Section 2 (Class 1 - Class 4), Section 3 (Class 5 - Class 8) and Section 4 (Class 9 - Class 12). 

Chaperoned by their parents, the excitement of the participants, especially the children, was palpable as they readied themselves for the art battle, eager to find out who was the best in translating their dreams on to the canvases. 

But as soon as the clock struck 9, the atmosphere changed from playfulness to quiet concentration – creativity took over. 

What sets this art competition apart from others is the fact that it is a creative platform for everyone, regardless of their social background – and especially because it is open to both able and differently-abled children.   

“Here, both able and differently-abled children can come together get to know each other. They get to learn from each others’ unique qualities – and of course have fun in the process,” said Irfan Islam, national president of JCI Bangladesh.

The competition is also a good opportunity for them to have different experiences, as well as understand the importance of equality and sharing, he further said. 

Irfan said the were planning to launch science-based talent shows for children as well, where the young minds can develop their innovative power through science and technology. “We are looking forward to it,” he said.

At the end of the competition, the total prize money of Tk40,000 was distributed among top 12 artists. The prize money was divided into three categories: 1st Prize was Tk5,000, 2nd Prize Tk3,000 and 3rd Prize Tk2,000.

The winners said they were happy to have the prizes, and saidthey wanted to take part in more of these competitions. 

The youngsters were also firm in their resolve to serve their country and drive its development further when they grow up. 

Speaking to Dhaka Tribune, parents said they appreciated the initiative because it empowers young people and help bring a positive change.

They said such programs encourage children to excel in their education and extra-curricular activities, adding that they expected more of such competitions in future.