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PM Hasina: Declare Covid vaccines as global public good

  • Published at 10:42 am September 23rd, 2021
Screenshot of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s recorded video shown in White House Global Covid-19 Summit PID

Bangladesh took a three-fold approach to fight the pandemic, says the prime minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has reiterated her call to global leaders to declare Covid-19 vaccines as “global public good’ and allow the developing countries and LDCs to produce vaccines that have the capacity.

“For effective global vaccination, Covid-19 vaccines need to be declared as ‘global public good’. To guarantee universal access, local production of vaccines by the developing countries and LDCs that have the capacity must be allowed,” she said.

The prime minister made the call in her prerecorded speech for the “White House Global Covid-19 Summit: Ending the pandemic and building back better health security to prepare for the next.”

US President Joe Biden convened the Summit.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh took a three-fold approach to fight the pandemic.

Those are: Saving lives by allocating adequate medical facilities, equipment, life-saving drugs and resources; Supporting the livelihoods of citizens, especially the most vulnerable groups; and Recovering economic activities back on track as quickly as possible.

She mentioned that Bangladesh has so far allocated USD15.4 billion under stimulus packages, disbursed USD166 million to 4.4 million beneficiaries, including poor elderly, widows, disabled persons, and informal sector workers.

As of September 4, she said, the government has administered more than 35 million shots of vaccines.

“We’re planning to vaccinate 20 million people every month until 80 percent of our population is vaccinated by August 2022,” she said.

The prime minister said to build a better future, Bangladesh is focusing on inclusive growth policies with emphasis on improved healthcare systems and social safety net programs; sustainable economic recovery giving importance to innovation, job creation and investment; and climate resilience and transition to low-carbon development.

US President Joe Biden, German Chancellor Angela Markel, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indonesian President Zoko Widodo, African President Cyril Ramaphosa and UN Secretary General António Guterres, among others, spoke on the occasion.