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Chittagong four-women rape: Culprits admit to robbery, deny rape

  • Published at 12:33 am December 28th, 2017
  • Last updated at 01:15 pm December 28th, 2017
Chittagong four-women rape: Culprits admit to robbery, deny rape
Mizan Matabbar, one of the perpetrators arrested in connection with the rape incident of four women at a house in Chittagong gave his confessional statement under section 164 of Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC). The perpetrator gave his statement at the court of Fifth Metropolitan Magistrate Al Imran Khan on Tuesday evening. Mizan in his statement confessed that he along with four of his associates robbed the house that night. Abu Sama, a resident of the locality planned the robbery. Abu Sama did not enter the house and waited outside. “The perpetrator said he had intimacy with a CNG auto-rickshaw driver Elias. Elias met Mizan at the city’s New Market area on December 11. Elias was accompanied by Abu Sama at that time. Elias proposed to Mizan to participate in a lucrative work across the river. Elias also assured him not to worry as others would join the work,” said Mizan.
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As it happened

The next day Mizan, Elias, Mohibul and another unidentified person went to the Natun Bridge area by a tempo. Later, the four went to Samitir Hat area by bus. After getting down the bus, Abu Sama and Elias went for a reconnaissance of the house. After an hour they returned and informed that there was a wall around the house and it might cause trouble. Later, they planned for some time as to how to accomplish the robbery. After that Elias and Sama collected bamboo from nearby. “We took position on the north side of the house at 1am. First Elias, then Mohibul and then the other person scaled the wall and entered the house with the bamboo. We had two flashlights with us and broke into the house by cutting open the grills of the window,” Mizan said. “At first we did not notice anybody at the house. Suddenly a bunch of keys fell off the table and awakened the people living there. We heard someone open a door. Elias and Mohiubul entered the room first and we followed them,” said Mizan in his confessional statement. “There were two women in that room and the other two were in the next room. Nobody saw male residents there. We were armed with locally made weapons. But Elias held a dagger in his hand. The women gave up all their cash and gold ornaments seeing the dagger. At one stage, Elias said that the women should be questioned as they might have more gold ornaments and money,” said Mizan. “Then Elias and Mohiubul headed to two separate rooms with two of the women. The other person entered another room with another woman. They came out of the rooms after 15-20 minutes leaving the women inside. They then informed me that they raped the three women. After coming out of the house, we met Abu Sama. We received Tk 13,000 each as share of the loot,” added Mizan. “Elias took the gold ornaments. At dawn, we left for the jetty on two taxis. We boarded a motorboat and got off at the Naval area. Abu Sama and I went to the Cement Crossing area and the rest of us went their separate ways,” said Mizan.

Karnaphuli OC asked to show-cause

A Chittagong court served a show-cause notice to the Officer-in-Charge of Karnaphuli police station for flawed probe and delay in filing a rape case in this connection. Fifth Metropolitan Magistrate Al Imran Khan issued the show-cause notice to OC Syedul Mostafa. Nirmalendu Bikash Chakrabarty, CMP’s Additional Deputy Commissioner (Prosecution) confirmed the matter to the Dhaka Tribune. The show-cause notice served by the court asked to explain the delay for filing the case and discrepancy in its probe. The OC was asked to reply to the notice within five days.
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One more held

The Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) on Wednesday arrested one more person in connection with the rape of the women in Chittagong. PBI Inspector Santosh Kumar Chakma told the Dhaka Tribune that the person was arrested from the city’s Kotwali area. The arrestee was identified as Abdul Hannan, 45, a resident of Karnaphuli upazila in Chittagong. He is locally known as Hannan Member. Talking to the Dhaka Tribune, PBI Inspector Santosh Chakma said that Abu Sama gave a confessional statement in the court on Wednesday that Abdul Hannan was involved with the rape incident. Abu Sama claimed in his statement that Abdul Hannan was the mastermind behind the robbery. While giving his confessional statement under section 164 of Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) at the court of Metropolitan Magistrate Abu Saleh Md Noman, Abu Sama said that he waited outside the house during the robbery and was in the dark about the rape incident. However, he received a share of the loot.