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Mass hysteria: 60 female students are hospitalized in Meherpur

  • Published at 03:24 pm April 3rd, 2018
  • Last updated at 01:08 am April 4th, 2018
Mass hysteria: 60 female students are hospitalized in Meherpur
Deworming tablets caused 60 students to fall sick after they were given the medication as part of National De-worming Day. All students are recovering after receiving initial treatment. “At least 60 female students have been admitted to hospital on Tuesday morning,” said Mujibnagar Health Complex official Dr Anwarul Islam. The students are from Bagowan Secondary School of Mujibnagar upazila. Earlier on March 27 and 28, 70 female students of Hatibhanga Secondary School were admitted in the hospital with the same condition. “The students were given De-worming tablets as part of the National De-worming program,” said Anwarul Islam, principal of Bagowan Secondary School.
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[caption id="attachment_256846" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Parents accompanying couple of female students, who had been fallen sick after being administered a deworming tablet on the occasion of National Deworming Day , is being brought in to the Mujibnagar Upazila Health Complex on Tuesday; April 3, 2018 Dhaka Tribune[/caption] “A student named Hashi started feeling sick, and one by one after that others felt sick and were taken to hospital,” the principal added. Another student Rikta Khatun did not feel sick, and she said “Hashi lost her sense while talking about feeling strange inside her head.” “The students fell sick because they were panicked seeing their friend getting sick, it was kind of a chain reaction, there is nothing to worry about,” said Dr Anwarul Islam. Last year at the same time, female students of schools including Garadob Secondary School were admitted, but later recovered after proper treatment.