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Commuting via Dhaka-Tangail Highway may become a nightmare during Eid

  • Published at 12:37 pm May 29th, 2018
Traffic on the highway increases five to six times during the Eid season Abdullah Al Numan/Dhaka Tribune file photo

Commuters fear the traffic congestion will worsen during the Eid

The Dhaka-Tangail Highway connects the capital with Bangladesh’s northern region. But every year during the two Eids, the 119km highway puts the people’s patience to test.

Commuters and passenger bus drivers say they think the situation will not be any different this year.

They fear it might be worse, even though police have assured that they would be present round the clock to manage the traffic on the highway.

Usually, vehicles from 22-23 districts use the road daily but the number of vehicles increases five to six times during the Eid season.

Police blame unfit vehicles, unskilled drivers, road accidents, and the increase in numbers of vehicles on the road for the gridlocks.

Moreover, 12 trains between Dhaka and the northern region use the Dherua rail crossing 24 times every day, halting traffic for about 1.5 hours on average.

Drivers, on the other hand, blame the rundown condition of the road, the ongoing work on upgrading the highway to four lanes, and police negligence for regular congestions.

They say the situation will get worse if the issues are not addressed.

“It takes six to seven hours to reach Gazipur from Tangail if there is a gridlock where it usually takes 2-2.5 hours,” Nurul Islam Khan, driver of Janata Paribahan, told the Dhaka Tribune. “There will not be any gridlock if police carry out their duties properly.”

Tangail’s Additional Superintendent of Police Shariful Islam said about 700 policemen would be on duty.

“IP cameras will be installed at key points and police will work round the clock,” he told the Dhaka Tribune. “We hope there will be no gridlock like the previous year.”