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Road conditions are hot topic for Gazipur polls

  • Published at 04:36 pm June 23rd, 2018
The road conditions in Gazipur city are lamentable, terrible, and something voters are holding against their public representatives | Photo by Dhaka Tribune

Gazipur City Corporation voters are holding the terrible condition of the roads against the candidates

For many Gazipur city residents, trudging through mud and potholes in darkness is part of their daily lives. Years have passed with politician after politician pledging improvement, with more broken down roads to show for it.

The Gazipur City Corporation was established six years ago. Residents are being taxed, but have seen none of the developments promised. Streetlights have not been installed on many roads, clean water is not being distributed, and the sewerage system is in shambles.

Now, voters are determined to take back the bargaining power and hold aspiring mayoral and council candidates to their word.

The 1.1 million voters are determined to make the candidates work for their votes.

All taxes, no benefits

Abdus Sobhan from ward 17 in Gazipur pays Tk2,000 in holding taxes per year. But his life sees very little of the civic facilities a city corporation is bound to provide. Garbage either lines the roads, or is strewn in ignominy on the road. The road itself floods quickly after a brief rain.

Other residents of the same ward have similar complaints. Lack of access to clean water, frequent inundations, industrial spillage, and sewerage leaks are the major concerns of Gazipur City Corporation voters.

Political promises seem to have little sway, as voters remain adamant on not disclosing their preferred candidate until they vote.

Afzal, a local resident, said he will dwell on his candidate up until the day of the vote.

Watch your step

The terrible condition of the roads remains the number one concern. Palanpara resident Delwar says people in his neighbourhood have to use a makeshift trail of clay that cannot even be called a road.

And since there are no streets, streetlights are a distant dream.

The Gazipur City Corporation polls were scheduled for May 15. But a High Court order moved it to June 26.