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AL leader accused of leading mob in vigilante beating

  • Published at 06:28 pm January 28th, 2019
A 12-year-old child who was severely beaten allegedly by Awami League men in Lakshmipur on Monday; January 28, 2019 Dhaka Tribune

Local police station official said the police recovered the underage boy and delivered him to his mother for medical treatment

A ruling party leader has been accused of viciously torturing a 12-year-old orphan in Lakshmipur.

According to witnesses, on Sunday afternoon Joynal Abedin – president of the Awami League unit in ward 7 in Mandari union – led several men to accuse 12-year-old Mohammad Nur of raping a child with disabilities.

Joynal and the others tied Nur to a power pole in Bablatola in Mandari and began hitting him, first with their fists and feet and then with canes and logs. 

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Hearing the commotion, police arrived and rescued Nur and took him to the police station where his mother was informed. Nur’s mother Maleka took him back home. When she tried to take him to a hospital for treatment, she found Joynal’s accomplices preventing them from going to the hospital.

Maleka, who seeks alms to make ends meet, said she had set out in the morning and heard of her son’s ordeal in the afternoon. She said she was terrified by the turn of events and does not know how to take her son to a doctor.

Joynal could not be reached on his phone. Awami League Mandari union unit President Ohiduzzaman Beg Bablu denied knowledge of any such incident.

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Sub-Inspector Wasim with the local police station said the police recovered the underage boy and delivered him to his mother for medical treatment. He said the police will take legal actions once a written complaint has been filed.

Child abuse remains prevalent in Bangladesh despite being criminalized. Incidents where a minor has been assaulted after being accused of a crime, mobbing up instead of pursuing the legal course of justice to ensure a fair and veracious trial, remains a stigmatizing trend in many parts of the country.