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Elderly mother rescued from oppression of ungrateful sons

  • Published at 11:32 pm October 16th, 2019
Map of Barguna district

The elderly Khubirunessa who struggled so much to raise her sons was not returned the support when she needed it the most

This is a story of a woman who—having sacrificed so much for her five children, taking care of them since when they were just infants, doing her best to raise them right—was herself, in her old age, confined to a cowshed by her sons to spend her last remaining days.

The 75 year old Khubirunnesa is from Char Dhupati area of Gowrichanna union in Sadar upazila, Barguna.

Locals and neighbours say, since the last five months Khubirunnesa has been locked up inside that cowshed, where there is a cold, and damp bed. She does not get out of the cowshed, and her food is delivered there once a day. Once when she tried to leave for her daughter’s home, her sons did not allow it, and locked her up again. Even though she is hard of hearing due to old age, she is known to be as sane as the next person.

Humaiyun Kabir, a neighbour, said: “Khubirunnesa has two sons, and three daughters. After her husband Abdul Hamid Khan passed away two years ago, their properties were divided among the children. Since then the two sons have been in a dispute regarding taking care of their mother. Finally it was decided that they will both share the responsibility. But their utter neglect led to Khubirunnesa’s mental, and physical deterioration.”

On a visit, this correspondent found, Khubirunnesa tied to a bed inside the cowshed of her home. She was calling her grandchildren from the cold, and damp bed.

When asked about her sons, she replied: “My sons are good to me. They take care of me, and feed me routinely.” Astonishingly she did not make a single complaint about her sons.

During this visit her younger son Md Bacchu was found, and in this regard he said: “We are taking good care of our mother. She has developed mental illness due to old age, and wanders off from time to time, so we confined her inside the cowshed.”

The elder son Md Badal’s house was well furnished, and it seemed he had a good life with family, and kids.

After hearing about Khubirunnesa, Barguna Deputy Commissioner Mostain Billah instructed an executive magistrate to rescue the woman, and put her under the care of one of her daughters.

Gowrichanna Union Parishad Chairman Tanvir Hossain said: “On behalf of the Union Parishad, Khubirunnesa will be provided with necessary support to the best of our abilities. Also her sons will be called in, and explained their responsibilities to their elderly mother. ”

Executive Magistrate Zakir Hossain, of the district administration, said: “What was done to Khubirunnesa was absolutely inhumane, and nothing but a regress of social values. We rescued her and took her to her daughter Taslima, and ordered her sons to take responsibility. Any sort of negligence in this regard will result in serious legal ramifications.”

Barguna Deputy Commissioner Mostain Billah said: “I came to know about the woman through social media. An executive magistrate was instructed to retrieve the woman, and she was handed her over to the care of her daughter Taslima. Moreover, necessary steps were taken so that her sons can never oppress her again, and if they try this again they will surely face legal repercussions.”