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Free WiFi around Sylhet City

  • Published at 09:59 pm March 14th, 2020
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All the access points are operational except 8/9 points, which could not be activated due to the underground power grid

Free WiFi service has been introduced in Sylhet by the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) to make the city the first "digital city" of the country.

Under the project "Digital Sylhet City," 126 WiFi access points (AP) have been installed in 62 important areas of the city.

All the access points are operational except 8/9 points, which could not be activated due to the underground power grid.

The Deputy Project Director Madho Sudan Chanda said: "The access points are named 'Digital Bangladesh' and anyone can connect to the network entering the password 'joybangla.'

"The access points will supply a bandwidth of 10 megabytes per second, within a range of 100metre," he added.

Madho Sudan Chanda said State Minister for ICT, Zunaid Ahmed Palak, inaugurated the service on February 15 on an experimental basis.

In the last two months free WiFi service was being provided using an Occasionally Connected Computing (OCC) system which required a lot of time to connect. To tackle the problem the State Minister introduced the Service Set Identifier (SSID) system on March 10.

Now people are using the fast speed internet very comfortably.

Digital Sylhet City was initiated in 2017 as a pilot project which is planned to be completed within June this year.

The digitalization of Sylhet is being overseen by the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) under the direction of the ICT department of the country. 

As part of the project worth Tk30.2 crore, 110 Internet Protocol (IP) cameras have been installed in important locations.

"10 of the cameras are face detection enabled which will make catching persons of interest easier and 10 cameras have auto number plate recognition, so that the traffic and vehicles of interest can be tracked easily," Chanda said, adding that the system will be handed over to Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP) soon.

Zedan Al Musa, additional deputy commissioner of SMP said: "Once the system is fully operational and under control of SMP, it will change the law enforcement situation of the city dramatically."

Other than Sylhet, 74 WiFi access points were established in Cox's Bazar in 35 areas and inaugurated by the ICT Minister on February 15.