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Autorickshaw driver returns 61L left by passenger

  • Published at 11:26 am June 22nd, 2020
Autorickshaw driver Sajib SardarCollected

Heaped with praise, the 18-year-old receives Tk5,000 reward from Chandpur superintendent of police

Poverty may have forced 18-year-old Sajib to become an autorickshaw driver, at an age when he should be studying, but it hasn’t been able to have him compromise his values. 

Tk61 lakh is, no doubt, a huge sum, which is why the virtue Sajib displayed by returning the amount to its owner, who had forgotten the money in his vehicle, is an incredible example of integrity.

Chandpur police said that Masud Hossain, an account manager of bKash, a popular mobile financial service, along with money runner Moktar Hossain and their supervisor Selim, withdrew the amount from a branch of United Commercial Bank Limited (UCBL) in Chandpur town at around 11:30am on Sunday.

After withdrawing the money, the trio got on Sajib’s battery-run autorickshaw and went to Jor Pukurpar area. 

It took them half an hour after they got off the vehicle to realise that they had left the bag containing Tk61 lakh in the vehicle.

The trio, along with Chandpur district bKash agent Alamgir Hossain Jewel, whom they work for, rushed to the spot to locate the autorickshaw driver, but he had left by then. 

The bKash employees managed to collect CCTV footage from a nearby under-construction building, which showed that Sajib had waited at the spot for half an hour before leaving.

Later, they learnt that after finding the bag, Sajib had returned to his garage at Puranbazar in the town.

The bKash employees went to Chandpur Sadar police station to report the incident. 

“I filed a written complaint about the missing money with the police,” Alamgir Hossain Jewel told Dhaka Tribune. “Later, when we found the money and received it in full, we filed another written report with police, withdrawing the complaint.”

Meanwhile, after returning to the garage, Sajib reported on the incident to a local Awami League leader, who contacted Sadar police station OC Nasim Uddin.

Speaking to Dhaka Tribune, OC Nasim Uddin said: “We received a verbal complaint, then a written one from the bKash employees, where they said they had mistakenly left the bag of Tk61 lakh in the vehicle.”

Earlier in the day, Chandpur Superintendent of Police (SP) Mahbubur Rahman said the police had first heard that Tk61 lakh of the Chandpur district bKash agent had been mugged, but had later come to know of the actual situation. 

"Sajib, along with the cash, was brought to Sadar police station. After all the money was counted, it was handed over to the bKash agent,” he said. 

"I was overwhelmed by Sajib's honesty and gave him Tk5,000 as a reward," the SP added.

Jewel, the bKash agent, said he was grateful to Sajib and police. 

“I am going to sit with the autorickshaw driver tomorrow [Tuesday],” he said. “If he wants a job, I will hire him. If he wants money or an autorickshaw, I will arrange for an autorickshaw for him with the help of the police.”