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Ilish price in Chandpur remains high despite increased supply

  • Published at 04:50 pm September 13th, 2020
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FILE PHOTO: Ilish production jumped from 300,000 tons in 2008-09 to 500,000 tons in 2017-18. In 2019, Ilish production rose to 533,000 tons Dhaka Tribune

Every day, customers from neighboring districts including Comilla go to Chandpur market to buy the fish

The price of Ilish has not come down in Chandpur markets to the expected level despite a good production of the fish in the country and considerable rise in supply in the district.

The fish was selling at Tk600-900 per kg in the pick season based on its size at different markets in the district on Sunday.

Though the price of Ilish showed a downward trend for sometime in the week before the previous week, it is still 12-15 per cent costlier, market insiders said.

According to the fishermen and traders, Ilish fishes have started coming in from the coastal areas in Hatia, Swandeep, Barisal, Bhola, and Charfashion at the beginning of this month.

Fish trader Sagor Hossain said prices in Chandpur fish markets are still steep, despite the booming supply of at least around 2,000 maunds every day.

Every day, customers from neighboring districts including Comilla go to Chandpur market to buy the fish. 

Kamal Talukder, who went to Chandpur from Comilla to buy the fish said, “The price of a large Ilish is Tk900. It’s really expensive.”

Dhaka resident Amal reiterated that he expected the fish to be cheaper, and added, “Since it’s really expensive in the pick season, I bought only five kilograms, each kilo for T 850.”

According to warehouse workers, Ilish weighing 1.5kg is selling for Tk50,000 per maund. The ones weighing 700-800 grams are selling for Tk30,000 per maund, and the 1 kg to 1200 grams Ilish costs Tk34,000-37,000 per maund.

“Local Ilish from Chandpur isn’t really much available. The ones that are available are quite expensive,” said warehouse merchant Matin Patwary.

He recommended taking time before buying the fish as saltwater Ilish are a bit reddish, while famous Chandpur Ilish, known as ‘Rupali Ilish [silver Ilish], is silver-ish in colour.

President of Chandpur cab freedom fighter Jibon Kanai Chakrabarty said: “The prices have risen due to low supply.”

He added: “We are hoping the administration will take care of this. Bazar Monitoring Committee will meet at the offices of Chandpur district administration, where significant decisions may be taken regarding this.”

A seller at Chandpur Bara Station fish market said: “The supply of fish is lower than two months back.” 

Chandpur Sadar fisheries officer Sudip Bhattacharya said that in a few days Ilish supplies will increase, and the prices are likely to go down then.