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BNP contests PM Hasina’s claim about Jan 5 polls

  • Published at 05:54 pm January 7th, 2018
  • Last updated at 12:29 am January 8th, 2018
BNP contests PM Hasina’s claim about Jan 5 polls
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made an “untrue” statement on the 10th parliament election that took place on January 5, 2014 to mislead people, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) said on Sunday. Speaking at a protest program, BNP Standing Committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain also said their party would join the next election only after realizing its demand for an election-time non-party neutral government. The Agriculturalist Association of Bangladesh organized the program at National Press Club in Dhaka, protesting a recent attack by police on its leader Jafir Tuhin. “The prime minister plainly made an untrue remark... that her government has been in power for the last four years as people elected them with their votes. She did it to confuse people, which is regrettable,” Mosharraf said. “No one cast vote in 153 seats, and only 5-10% people cast votes in the remaining 147 seats. How did people elect you [the prime minister], then? You are claiming that you were elected by people, when there was no election at all,” he added. On Saturday, Hasina in her speech at the Awami League Central Working Committee meeting in her official residence Ganabhaban, said: “In any form, the January 5 election was not voter-less at all…more than 40% of voters cast their votes.”
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Mosharraf claimed that the people were only getting aggrieved by such “baseless” comments as they know how they lost their rights on January 5, 2014. “The people of Bangladesh are quite conscious.” He suggested the Awami League leaders and activists go to rural areas and talk to people to know how they have got fed up with the current government. About their party’s position on the 11th parliamentary polls, the top BNP leader said the election must be held under a non-party neutral administration, and the current parliament would have to be dissolved before the polls. “The next election will not be held under Sheikh Hasina and the Awami League-led government, no matter how much conspiracy they hatch,” he said. He said the prices of essentials, including rice, had gone out of people’s purchasing capacity, while corruption and plundering continue as the government has no accountability and control over state machinery. The government has pushed the country towards darkness with its misrule and destruction of all institutions, Mosharraf alleged. He urged the people to get united to save the country by establishing a pro-people government through a credible and fair election.