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Khaleque: Election was fair, accept the outcome

  • Published at 03:47 pm May 16th, 2018
  • Last updated at 06:31 pm May 16th, 2018
Talukder Abdul Khaleque
Khulna City Corporation mayor-elect Talukder Abdul Khaleque talks in a press briefing held at the Khulna Press Club auditorium at around on Wednesday SM Samsur Rahman

The mayor-elect denies all BNP allegations of criminals engaging in helping Awami League win the election

Khulna City Corporation’s (KCC) mayor-elect Talukder Abdul Khaleque has claimed that the election was held in a free and fair manner. He congratulated those who helped him win the election. 

The Awami League leader made these statements in a press briefing held at the Khulna Press Club auditorium on Wednesday.

Khaleque said: "The election was fair. Aside from separate incidents in a few of the polling centres, nothing alarming occurred."

He claimed that BNP tried to spread confusion among the public in order to lean the election favourably towards them. However, the public decided the outcome by themselves.

Khaleque said: "Reporters were actively present on the field. Their reports are proof that nothing illegal or irregular happened during the election. Even the BNP candidate got 109,000 votes, which would never have happened if the election was not conducted in a free and fair manner."

He called on BNP candidate Nazrul Islam Monju, who lost to him, to accept the outcome without trying to damage the government's image.

Replying to BNP's claims that criminals were working on behalf of Awami League to help them win in the KCC election, Khaleque said: "I do not know of any offenders, and I do not patronize any criminals either. BNP would be more intimately affiliated with them, as it was during their regime that the country saw a rise in militancy."

He added: "I want cooperation from everyone in Khulna, including Monju. His cooperation will help us build a better city."

The mayor-elect promised that he would try to make Khulna a place free of drugs, crime, and land grabbers. He further promised to keep the environment clean and peaceful. 

"Whenever the Awami League is in power, the people of Khulna live better," he said. "In the next five years, there will be more work done in Khulna than is expected."