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OP-ED: A journey from birth to death

  • Published at 09:20 pm June 16th, 2021
Workers busy at a battery manufacturing factory in Dhaka recently. Photo: Collected
Workers busy at a battery manufacturing factory in Dhaka recently Collected

Standard of human life depends on production of output

A life is born with a shadowcompany of death. The world is moving fast with huge progresses. 

Human life becomes so easy for leading day to day activities. Living standard becomes too much better compared to lives of centuries back. 

Standard of human life depends on production of output. 

In twentieth century, technological development leads mass production resulting in enhancement of income level. 

Production process needs inputs. 

In the context of economic theory; land, labour, capital and organization help to produce outputs. 

In the hunter-gather society, people need to produce all items required for livelihoods. But introduction of division of work does not require people to do all works. 

Individual person works a single part of production which supports final production. Output is not used as payment for remuneration; rather money works to disburse remuneration in the name of salary and wages. 

Money does the function of medium of exchange, inter alia. 

As such, output produced needs not be hoarded for future use. Monetary system deserves special thanks in this context of replacing hoarding.

Components of production process as noted earlier include technology, innovative ideas as patents, etc. 

These come into existence to face the changing situation. However, huge quantity of production changes the life style of human being. 

With the same time, property rises in some hands due to inequality in distributional process under the so called economic system. 

Of the total output, insignificant part consists of as wages (say less than ten percent of output) to marginal workers. 

Prosperity does not go to their home gates. This is the reality in the development stages of economy. 

There is nothing to be denied since opportunities prevails in peculiar equation in the lives of marginal workers who live on hand to mouth.

Environment is public goods accessible to all irrespective of status. 

In reality, it is found that corporate entities take the lion’s share of its benefits. 

As a simple example, we can cite the leisure industries operating nationwide or worldwide. 

Environmental benefits are enjoyed by them through sales of different packages to affordable customers who enjoy their vacation by disturbing natural stages of environment. 

All industrial activities either manufacturing or services providing utilize the benefits of environment. 

This results in environmental erosions affecting human being in the long run. We are seeing the resulting effects such as pollutions in all aspects like air, water, forest and so on.

As stated earlier, life becomes comfortable with increased output. 

In simple sense, the high income brings better life standard. But such life does not pour to all. 

A little positive impact is found from tickle down theory to the people out of effective opportunities. 

This is all about human being, raising a question for the impact to the environment.

Again, factors of production can be recalled - land, labour, capital, organization, technology, ideas, patent and so on. 

These factors work within the facilities network of public goods. These are environmental facilities which are intended for all spheres of the economy including corporate entities. 

But individual person is rarely enjoying the benefits, most go to corporate entities. 

This works as a factor of production for which no costs are booked in the production accounting. 

Production entities get environmental facilities without costs which bring extra benefits to owner communities, affluent class of the society. 

The use of facilities from environment brings natural benefits as peace-type feeling to its users. It is not exhausted if it is used legitimately. 

Individuals, however, use the facilities in such a way as needed. 

Corporatization of environmental facilities is a process under which the facilities are used excessively with misuses, resulting in environment bringing non-effective benefits.

It is said that environment never excuses to who harms it. It takes revenge in the long run. The standard of living in the present century and in recent past has enhanced to a greater extent. But there is a negative side of the said standard. 

Immune system after certain age of high standard living people is found decreasing in trend. 

On the other hand, disruptive environment breeds new diseases and novel viruses. As such, enhanced living standard does not keep people in peace in the long run. 

People after a certain stage of level become dependent on medicare which is also a business product in the modern economy. 

Standard of quality care is affordable to class people. But what next after medicare is a question.

This text starts with birth of human being shadowed with death. Since death is inevitable, it should be high standard like living standard as discussed earlier. But prevailing time shows different pictures. 

Life standard is better but quality of death is worse. Depending on medicare leads people to a stage of miserable situation. 

The cost benefit between high standard of living enjoyed earlier and stage of miserable situation gives cost in reality high compared to benefits. 

From birth to death, it is a real journey for everyone, none can avoid. The journey needs to be smooth. 

But end leg of the journey is painful and worse, what is expected by none. Despite, it is found as reality. 

Why life is not ending smoothly is a question of this day. 

There are myriad thoughts to answer the question. One can say it is a fate, others may say natural excuses to face death and so on. 

As a part of the journey, death should be as smooth as was earlier stage of journey. 

Enjoying environmental facilities are well discussed above. The end result brings material benefits to human being at the cost extracted from environment. 

Environmental balance is essential for peace. 

Material benefits bring high standard of life, but it brings short term peace to humankind. In the long run, life becomes out of peace amid material benefits. 

People at the stage to end journey look for peace physically and mentally. 

But such peace is out of reach, with ending the journey in painful process. 

Does it mean that illegitimate extraction of benefits from environment punishes us? 

It may be a matter of debates among scholars. 

Regardless, there needs a balance through which environment can bring positive benefits to all. 

But if benefits are extracted artificially, environment cannot continue to serve people as needed. This results in negative impact on end journey.


The author works in the development sector and can be reached at [email protected]