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Nagad launches self-PIN-reset option

  • Published at 10:44 pm July 8th, 2021
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Earlier, Nagad users had to contact the help desk using their phone to reset their PIN

Mobile financial service of the Bangladesh Postal Department Nagad, has launched a self-PIN-reset option, omitting the hassle of forgetting and resetting PIN numbers for customers.

The process of restoring or changing a PIN number, due to the common action of forgetting or mixing them up, can be time consuming. Earlier, Nagad users had to contact the help desk using their phone to reset their PIN, but now it can be done through just a few clicks on the phone. 

To reset a PIN number, the user must dial *167#. They will be led to a menu where they have to press “8” on the keypad- this will trigger the PIN-change option. In the next stage, the user will find two additional options, “1” for forgetting the PIN and “2” for resetting the PIN. Pressing “1” will have the user input his/her national identity number (NID); a confirmation text will then be sent from Nagad. Next, the user will have to input their date of birth. 

In the next step, the customer will be asked transaction-related questions, for instance, whether any transactions were made in the last 90 days, the types of transactions made and the amount of the last transaction. 

By completing this step, the user will be allowed to reset the PIN number.

When setting a PIN, the customer must ensure that the 4 digits of the PIN are all different. Moreover, if the same number is consecutive, the pin will not be valid.

It is important to know that Nagad never asks its users for their PIN number under any circumstance. Thus, if the user receives any such request, they should not answer. 

Under its recent campaign, “Deshi Nagad-e, Beshi Labh”, the MFS operator has brought a number of exciting and innovative solutions to make the digital experience smoother, including the self-PIN-reset option, according to a press release.

Nagad Managing Director, Tanvir A Mishuk, spoke on the innovative feature: “We have been thoroughly working on the PIN-resetting issue. With the service now available, customers can rest assured as resetting their PIN will be more self-sufficient than ever, and unless they have told anyone their PIN, no one can access their Nagad account.”

With the new self PIN reset service, customers will be allowed a maximum of 5 attempts to reset their PIN. If they fail the last chance, the PIN-reset option will be blocked for four hours. If the PIN needs to be reset during this period, he/she can call the call centre at 16167 or 096 096 16167.