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Top reasons for considering Vivo’s V21

  • Published at 06:07 pm August 8th, 2021

Released in June this year, V21 is a premium flagship smartphone from the brand.

During this pandemic, the worldwide preference for video content and calling has increased manifold- both in users’ personal and professional worlds. As far the technology goes, ordinary smartphones fail to deliver an experience that beat the challenges of photography and video calling in poor light conditions.  

Vivo has drawn its inspiration from the customer’s pain points and presented solutions to address those. The most recently launched Vivo V21 series is the result of an in-depth study of consumer’s challenges and pain points and therefore, brings to customer’s advanced mobile imaging and video experience.

Released in June this year, V21 is a premium flagship smartphone from Vivo, added to its V series portfolio. Even though the major focus of the smartphone is its supreme camera technology, the V21 smartphone made great leaps in other areas as well. The brand new Vivo V21’s camera comes with a 44MP OIS Night Selfie system that includes a 44MP OIS Super Night Selfie, Selfie Spotlight and AI Night Portrait supported by AI Night Algorithm for the ultimate night selfie experience.

Here are some of the best features of the new Vivo V21 and reasons to own it: 

44MP OIS Super Night Selfie: OIS, known as Optical Image Stabilization, is a hardware solution that compensates for hand-shakes by virtue of the movement of cameras. It is capable of capturing intrinsic details in every shot, producing clear images and videos even when your hand is not steady. OIS in rear cameras have become common these days, however, implementing it in the front camera is the first move by Vivo. 

Selfie Spotlight:  The new addition balances the light source by innovatively adding two OLED spotlights under the front panel, which can be turned on when taking photos and recording videos. It helps in stimulating the professional fill light of a photography studio so that you can be clearly seen even in the dark. Moreover, the spotlight can also be used together with Vivo's self-developed Aura Screen Light, to give users the light at night. The camera software in the smartphone allows this feature to function when video calling on major mobile apps.

Rear Camera Features: The 64MP OIS Night camera with the support of a set of 8MP and 2MP secondary cameras, smartly captures wide-angle and more complex shots and macro photography with utmost ease. It also features a slew of innovative features like OIS Super Night Mode, OIS Ultra Stable Video, Double Exposure, Super Wide Angle, Super Macro and Dual View Video especially tailored for aspiring photographers.

Charging Technology: V21 features a 33W FlashCharge that allows users to power up the smartphone in no time making the process very convenient for consumers, even when making high bandwidth video calls.

Storage: Vivo has put emphasis on its storage capabilities to ensure a seamless and holistic smartphone experience for consumers. In line with the same, V21 comes with massive storage of 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM allowing storing videos, files, social networking and calling apps a breeze.

The V21 retails for Tk32,990 in Bangladesh and is available across all offline Vivo stores.