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Prices of essentials increase from last week

  • Published at 08:38 pm September 4th, 2021
WEB_Karwan Bazar kitchen market_Rajib Dhar
File photo shows a general view of the kitchen market at Karwan in Dhaka, Bangladesh Rajib Dhar/Dhaka Tribune

The prices of vegetables shot up this week, along with chicken, sugar and fish at the kitchen markets of Dhaka.

Upon visiting several kitchens markets on Saturday, including Hatirpool Kacha Bazar, New Market Kacha Bazar, Mohakhali Kacha Bazar, and Mugda Kacha Bazar, Dhaka Tribune found that sugar prices have risen by about Tk5-8 per kg in the last week.

“Sugar price has increased last week. Now it is being sold at Tk75-85 per kilogram,” said Yasin Sarker, a grocer at Kawran Bazar.

Meanwhile, most of the vegetables in the market are available at Tk60 to Tk65 per kg.

According to the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), onion prices have gone up by about 10% (Tk5-10) in the last week.

Local and imported onions are now being sold at Tk60 to Tk80 per kg, local garlic at Tk80 per kg, and imported garlic is being sold at Tk130 per kg. 

The price of local and imported ginger ranged between Tk120 and Tk140 per kg, while the price of local ginger went up by around Tk10 per kg compared to last week.

According to TCB, prices of local turmeric saw a 19.05% rise compared to last month.

Local and imported turmeric prices ranged from Tk220-280 per kg.

Similarly, the price of sugar has gone up by Tk5 per kg from last week to Tk72-80.

Pulses, which were sold at Tk95 to 100 last week, are now being sold at Tk100 to 105 per kg.

Rubel Hossain, a vendor from Karwan Bazar, said: “Price of rice remained similar to last week. Miniket rice is being sold at Tk60-62 per kg, nazirshail at Tk62-65, atash balam at Tk50-54, paijam at Tk50-55, guti Swarna at Tk50, and chinigura at Tk90-95 per kg.”

The price of green chillies has come down for this week and is being sold at Tk80-100.

Seller Mominul Bepari at Hatirpoor Kacha Bazar said: “Prices may increase in the upcoming weeks due to the flood, as the supply of vegetables from North Bengal has decreased during monsoon.”

Meanwhile, potatoes are being sold at Tk20-25 per kg, eggplant at Tk40-50, and cucumber, snake gourd and sponge gourd are being sold at Tk40 per kg with an increase of Tk5 compared to last week.

Luffa and spiny gourd are being sold at Tk35-40 per kg and bitter gourd is being sold at Tk40-48 per kg.

Besides, per dozen of broiler eggs are now being sold at Tk105, which was Tk100 last week.

At the retail level, four eggs are being sold at Tk36-38 while four duck eggs are being sold for Tk50.

In the meat section, broiler chicken is being sold at Tk140-150 per kg, which is a 12.5% rise compared to last month.

Sonali Pakistani chicken were being sold at Tk210 to 230 per kg, while local chicken were being sold at Tk420 to 480 per kg.

Beef is being sold at Tk580- 600 per kg and mutton is being sold at Tk800-850 kg.

Fish seller Jibon Ahmed from Karwan Bazar said: “Regular 1kg sized Hilsha are being sold at Tk800, 1.5-2 kg sized Hilsha are being sold at Tk1,200-1,300, and small-sized Hilsha are being sold at Tk500-600.”