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Likee and 10 Minute School to encourage users to make academic content

  • Published at 05:14 pm September 19th, 2021

Users can create interesting videos to share own learnings, tips, and tricks on different topics

Likee’s knowledge community development initiative #KnowledgeMonth has started from September 3.

The popular short-video app has partnered with the largest online education institution of Bangladesh 10 Minute School to encourage users to create and share videos on various academic and co-curricular skills, according to a press release. 

The campaign aims at creating an encouraging community sphere, where a healthy and competitive spirit shall boost the users’ learnings and award a number of lucky winners at the end of the month-long campaign.

This collaboration of Likee and 10 minute School is set to encourage teachers, researchers, sportspersons, artists, culinary and life-skill enthusiasts, as well as those who are into puzzles like Rubik’s cube and Sudoku, and other academic – non-academic skills, to come together as a community and share their knowledge among each other. 

Users can create interesting videos to share own learnings, tips, and tricks on different topics like – Bengali, Bengali dialect, spoken English, science popularization, puzzle, interesting phenomena in life, trivia, economy, culture, humanity, health, medicine, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects.

In an effort to acquire and develop knowledge together, these videos must be uploaded using the hashtag #AcademicKnowledge, #ArtisticKnowledge, #LifeKnowledge and #UnpopularKnowledge where applicable. 

The videos need to be original, more than 10 seconds in length and shall consist of nothing plagiarized.

20 lucky winners have the opportunity to get free courses worth a total of Tk9000 under 10 Minute School. 

These include top-demanded courses like the Spoken English course by Munzereen Shahid, Facebook Marketing by Ayman Sadiq, Design with PowerPoint by Sadman Sadik, Corporate Grooming by SolaimanShukhon, and much more.

Ayman will share “How video producers bring value to Bangladeshi society through video” with Likee participants. 

Users need to participate in this activity and register a Likee Account which shall only post knowledge-related videos in the future. One can win $5 upon posting more than 3 knowledge-related and good-quality videos (100 accounts). 

If one can post more than 10 qualified knowledge-related videos in the activity duration, s/he can share Tk50,000 with all qualified accounts together. 

Good quality videos will get official traffic support with more than 80 thousand views per video.

Likee spokesperson said: “Likee is a devoted patron of youth skill development and cumulative growth. In this era of online learning, Likee believes that it has the power to connect the learners together through educational video content. Our #KnowledgeMonth campaign is already seeing enthusiastic traffic, and we thank our partner 10 Minute School for their cooperation.”

Ayman Sadiq, owner of 10 Minute School said: “Digital platforms can serve greatly to help young learners share knowledge with a number of peers deemed impossible even a couple of decades ago. We are glad to have partnered with Likee, a rapidly growing platform because together, we can positively utilize this opportunity to encourage millions of Likee users to share valuable knowledge with each other.”

The #KnowledgeMonth campaign throughout September is a relatively large-scale and long-term activity taking place among Bangladeshi Likee users recently. 

It is an activity related to the theme of #HOWTO contents. 

The campaign shall run till September 30, 2021.