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Being ‘stuck’ can be good

  • Published at 11:29 pm December 23rd, 2019
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Human ingenuity is boundless, and we can devise several functions out of any item

“Creating a completely new mold can be easier than fitting something new into an existing one” – a sentiment many are familiar with. The needless space occupation, the dissonance with the decor of your home and theme – they seem like nothing but nuisances. While there is always the option of getting rid of these “unwanted” items from home, for those who have rented a furnished apartment, the option might not be available. People renting a furnished property not only rent a home, but also the furniture necessary for living. As a result, they might be stuck with a whole lot of items that just do not conform to their vision of a great place.

Foreigners make up the majority of furnished apartment users. They come to a new place with only a handful of items and live in a home that they expect to have all the necessary things that will fulfill their needs. But every furnished apartment is different. Some have a whole host of things when rented out, while others only have the basic items. For example, one home may come with a top-notch coffee maker, and the resident may not drink coffee at all. As such, how many of those items will actually serve your needs and how many items will be irrelevant may vary from home to home. So the challenge becomes what then to do with those unnecessary items.

Human ingenuity is boundless, and we can devise several functions out of any item. Finding an alternative use for an item or furniture should come naturally to us.  On the other hand, if there are no items that fulfill your needs, some other items can be made to serve that purpose. If you are not an avid book reader but your apartment has a bookshelf, it can be better used to place decorative items to enhance the beauty of the home.

Aside from aesthetics, every home needs a few items that are essential to the residents. For some, that could be a nightstand table in the bedroom, while for others it could be a place to hang their clothes.

Regardless of the need, the best course of action would be to find an existing item in a furnished apartment that can be used for the necessary purpose instead of buying something new. That is because most furnished apartment dwellers live in the place for only a short duration of time. And buying an item during that stay would mean to either lug that thing around when moving or giving it away.

Being “stuck” with an item or two when moving to a furnished apartment can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. A thing that seems like unnecessary or an “eyesore” can, in fact, be turned into the very thing you needed to make your stay more comfortable. And as far as themes or aesthetics go, a little bit of work, if the landlord permits it, can go a long way to fit in any item into your vision of home, no matter how unappealing.