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Bproperty: Asia’s Greatest Brand

  • Published at 10:28 pm February 10th, 2020
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Being recognized among this crowd was a very important milestone for the Bproperty brand

In just a short few years, Bproperty has achieved great accolade. Recognition is always a big deal, especially when an event such as the AsiaOne Awards titles a brand as Asia’s Greatest Brand in the real estate category.

The fourth edition of Asia’s Greatest Brands and Leaders 2018-2019 was held on Friday, February 7. The floor was graced by massive brands and names from across the region. Many showed up in hopes of receiving the most coveted awards. But only one could walk away with an award like Bproperty did.

The Asia’s Greatest Brand awards are given to those that have been proved worthy in their field of practice. For Bproperty, that meant having significant and outstanding effects on the real estate industry of Bangladesh. It was always a difficult task finding and advertising properties for sale and rent. The country had been, for many generations, plagued with a shoddy reputation for fraudulent activities in the industry. On top of this, the market was heavily developer driven. This made navigating the field as difficult as having the right options to choose from.

But things started to change with the injection of the Bproperty brand and model. Technology proved irreplaceable when it came to discovering desirable properties with all the information one needed. It was also imperative that the technology was used in the right manner, for the right products, and people were well informed about it.

Bproperty managed to do all this alongside cataloguing hundreds of thousands of properties across the country. All this created a safe marketplace for all parties of real estate to engage confidently — which was Bproperty’s mission.

The award ceremony was a great chance for hundreds of prominent brands to interact with each other in an easy-going environment. Being recognized as Asia’s Greatest Brand among this crowd was a very important milestone for Bproperty. It served as an international stepping stone to be regarded as a successful powerhouse in its field.

Having won the award, Bproperty has set its sights to achieving more and providing the people of Bangladesh with better utilities to acquire the properties they deem worthy of their home or business.