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Celestial Heights: An intro to a newer residential concept

  • Published at 12:05 am November 23rd, 2020
Celestial Heights bti
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Located in Gulshan 1 of Dhaka, Celestial Heights is a prime example of safer and better homes

The present situation and the new normal that we all are having to come to terms with, made us wonder if any of the well-known real estate developers were trying to address and incorporate anything new in their under-construction buildings. Read our in-depth interview about Celestial Heights in Gulshan 1, which left us feeling happily surprised.

Our in-depth conversation with the COO at bti revealed much about the interesting ways in which bti is bringing an overall change in their projects, catering to different sectors, and how Celestial Heights, a Luxury Collection Residence in Gulshan 1, promises to be a different and wonderful experience for apartment owners. bti has really added certain small but invaluable features.

“Having catered to thousands of customers over the years, bti has always ensured that our customers fall in love with their homes and enjoy the experience of trusting us with their investment. For Celestial Heights and other upcoming exciting projects, we are now introducing innovative design ideas not only to deal with the present and future health concerns, but also to bring a change to the lifestyles, and to make things better,” says Mohammad Moniruzzaman, chief operating officer (COO), sales & marketing, building technology & ideas ltd (bti), about this elegant under-construction residential project.

He first tells us about the location itself and how important it is to have a design which aids us to breathe and look at open spaces, and how this design is disconnected from the concrete jungle we live in.

“It may be difficult to guess at first glance, but the truly amazing part of the location is that one can enjoy the endless unobstructed views from most units, which really is a rare thing in Dhaka city! We truly believe that the way Celestial Heights is designed, it lets the natural flow of air and lots of sunshine in through the large floor-to-ceiling high windows, allowing a view of the beautiful skies to keep one mentally strong and happy. Designed with luxury in mind and combining it with smart home features, Celestial Heights has resulted to be a truly stylish residence.”

Moniruzzaman continues taking us through the design, emphasizing on some key points, relevant to the topic. “A double-height entrance with a highly secured drop-off loop ensures ‘a no-stress and a no-crowd’ advantage. We don’t want the guests or residents of this beautiful building to be at risk in any way, so the drop-off loop gives them a respite from the regular crowd prevalent across most neighbourhoods.

“Be it regarding the health and wellness issues at hand, or safe social distancing measures while meeting up with family and friends, or working from home – everything has really been thoughtfully designed at Celestial Heights,” he continues with excitement.

Designed with safe entertaining options

“To address the urban lifestyle which now demands social distancing, the elegant ‘Celestial Oasis’ is ideal for entertaining in style with extra care towards safety and functionality. Perfectly designed with enough open air terraces and large windows, one can avoid cramming up the space inside the home, by hosting dinners or lunches here. Near the lifts as well as on this floor, hand sanitizing dispensers are provided.”

Moniruzzaman continues: “We believe wastage should be avoided where possible. Hence, the space management in ‘The Celestial Oasis’ has also been cleverly designed to minimize wastage, providing options of combining and separating spaces, thus resulting in smaller sized private rooms or in a large one, when required. We are encouraging all the residents to not invite any outsiders inside their own homes, and instead book these spaces for their visitors and keep their homes germ-free.

“A furnished reading room equipped with adequate laptop charging points; two semi-outdoor terraces with one being furnished and designed specially by our interior architects as a work space; a small free-hand exercise studio built for private one-on-one fitness workout sessions/yoga classes – all have been amazingly designed to keep the residents of this building living where their homes and its common facilities are.”

We were already impressed, but there was more as he continued explaining.

“To top it all, the ‘Celestial Rooftop’ is something amazing! An excellent place designed to relax or entertain, filled with greenery coupled with the incredible view of the neighbourhood all the way to Gulshan 1 and beyond on one end; this is surely one of the highlights of the building.”

Our final query was if they also had something similar planned for the middle-income people, and we were really thrown off when they said yes!

Check out more about bti Celestial Heights on YouTube here, and do register for their upcoming event introducing their classic customers to the wellness concept.

The highlight of the units

Moniruzzaman tells us that the floor-to-ceiling height is 10 feet, with most windows being full height, which gives an amazing advantage of light and air in all units. Other than the brilliant specs, the apartments come with home automation features, which include motion sensor lighting, remote-controlled switches, fingerprint access entrance door lock, other optional features such as master switches in bedrooms, automated curtain openers, etc.

The apartment units, ranging between 2,400 sq-ft and 4,000 sq-ft, come with a fantastic option of a larger 6,000 sq-ft units on higher floors, being meticulously and functionally designed, but resonating luxury.

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