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Food for Kings

  • Published at 04:00 pm September 27th, 2017
Food for Kings
With over 30 million viewers, Game of Thrones is nothing short of a sweeping phenomenon. And that astonishing number is just those who have ordered it through HBO. The show has penetrated every continent with millions intended to watch it each day an episode airs. The innovative minds at the Gourmet Food Company hosted a viewing party that allowed viewers perch on their lavish setting and eat like a king. During the event, they introduced their new eclectic menu.

Slurp on spaghetti

You know you are in for a treat when you hear the smacking of your lips as you slurp on perfectly al dente spaghetti. As you take a fork full of Bolognese with your spaghetti, a medley of flavours hits you; the soft ground beef has hints of earthiness and sweet tartness from the slow cooked tomatoes base.

Wicked wraps

If your palette craves a bit of the Middle East, look no further then their signature chicken shwarma. The warm pita bread is a soft case that unfolds to soft grilled chicken. The tender morsels are drizzled in a tangy yoghurt sauce that balances the bold flavours of the meat. The sweet, juicy tomatoes and crunchy lettuce complements the texture of the tender meat.

Hungry for hummus

Take your Middle Eastern excursion further with the classic hummus and pita. Dip a thin, fluffy pita in a decadent hummus. With hints of cumin, garlic and a hearty drizzle of olive oil, the chickpea dish is a condiment that is just as memorable as any main.

Wings for the win

The whiff of smoky BBQ entices all hungry minds alike. Your eyes are also in for a feast as a plate of BBQ wings come your way. The spicy wings have a hint of honey-like sweetness that makes them all the more memorable. The delicious skin unveils a soft fall-off-the-bone chicken that's equally scrumptious. You’ll be licking your fingers and fighting your friends for the last wing.

Burger bellisimo

A ride on a gondola in Venice or a climb up the Pisa may not be the most practical desire but a taste of Italy is not too far away. The Italian combines the signature flavours of Italia in between two supple toasted buttery buns. The perfectly cooked patty holds a gooey slice of fresh mozzarella cheese. Throw in a few sweet roasted potatoes and a generous helping of herby pesto.

Relishing ribs

Some feast calls for finger licking and the tender succulent ribs fall off the bone as you bite each morsel. Grilled to tender bits, the meat comes of the bone with ease and introduces a blast of sugary BBQ flavour with each bite. You know you’re in for a treat when you’re content with a messy experience.

Passion for the potato

Cut into perfect triangles, the wedges are crispy bites with a crunchy skin that you can dip into a tangy salsa. As you break into a wedge, you’re greeted to the stea