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iflix to release 'Shohorer Shorts' this Eid

  • Published at 10:01 pm June 4th, 2018
  • Last updated at 12:59 pm June 5th, 2018
Shohorer Shorts.jpg
Scenegrabs from iflix’s teaser of their four short film series titled ‘Shohorer Shorts’ Youtube

The films are being produced by Adnan, who said he was 'trying to tell some new stories for iflix through a cinematic angle.'

Celebrated director Adnan Al Rajeev's new venture “Shohorer Shorts” will be released this Eid on iflix. Four short films with completely different stories, from three different storytellers, can be streamed online from iflix after the release. 

The stories to be presented are by RB Pritam, Vicky Zahed, and Reehan Rahman. RB is a film director for Runout Films Ltd, while Vicky and Reehan are directors from other production houses. 

The films are being produced by Adnan, who said he was “trying to tell some new stories for iflix through a cinematic angle.”

Speaking to the Dhaka Tribune’s Showtime about his film “Angti,” Vicky said: “It is a mesmerizing story of elopement shown in two separate time periods.”

The protagonists are missing their wedding ring which serves as the overarching symbol of the film. “Angti” will feature actors including Safa Kabir, Towsif Mahbub, and Harun ur Rashid.

Reehan Rahman’s short film,  titled “Neoti,” is a story about friends hanging out and dealing with a sudden incident. The film stars Porshia, Shoumik, and Sunny, among others.

Fazlur Rahman Babu, Shamol Molla, Manoj Kumar, and many other artists will be featured in the other short films.

All four short films will be promoted throught the release of separate music videos on YouTube, with RB Pritam’s short film already having had its song released, titled “Tilottoma Dhaka.” The storytellers have full liberty on the release of the music videos and the link to their films.

Bidrohi Dipon, an experienced cinematographer who worked on “Angti” and “Neoti,” said: “The experience of working for two short films, that are completely different, was tough due to time restrictions and various shooting locations. The preparations were different for each. However, it was a very memorable experience.”

Adnan Al Rajeev is a director, producer and scriptwriter, who is famous for creating television commercials and hit TV dramas. He formerly worked as Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s assistant director at Chabiaal, after which he started his own production house Runout Films Ltd, which is also the production house for these films.

iflix is a leading subscription based video-on-demand service for emerging markets. Bangladesh Country Manager for iflix Imrul Karim Emil has been thanked by Adnan as the person who ensured “Shohorer Shorts” gets released on the streaming site without facing any hurdles or bureaucracy.