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6,000 letters undelivered, Indian postman sacked

  • Published at 08:09 pm August 17th, 2018
Post office

An Indian postman got sacked after hoarding 6,000 letters over the span of a decade

How would you feel if your expected job offer, ATM card or any personal document never reached you? Ever feel neglected for not receiving a letter from your loved ones? 

Unfortunately, people living in the Indian village of Odhanga, Orissa felt this refusal for a decade. All thanks to a postman named Jagannath Puhan who never delivered over 6000 letters to their proper addresses. 

This incident was recently uncovered when the post office moved to a new location and children started playing in the abandoned area. They found piles of mails in bags that included bank passbooks and ATM cards. Soon the local media was involved.

The severity of the issue was revealed when people saw there were over 6000 undelivered letters, dated back to 2004. 

The local police arrested Jagannath Puhan, assistant branch post master who was mainly in-charge of the post office for the past decade. 

While enquiring the officials figured, he delivered the registered mail on time because they could be tracked by the senders. However, the local mails were neglected blatantly and turned out as dead letters. 

Jagannath, in his defense said that, “I couldn't walk properly and was not in a condition to deliver these letters,” reports Hindusthan Times. 

Around 1500 mails have been recovered and sent to their proper addresses while the rest are damaged and waiting to be identified.