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What to know before getting yourself a canine companion

  • Published at 06:35 pm March 18th, 2019
Photo: Pixabay

For some basic tips read through before you bring the companion home

Adopt before you decide to buy

You always feel like a pure bred dog is so much better, in terms of looks and training, rather than a street dog. But if you are ‘willing’ to become a pet dog owner, it’s best if you adopt from the streets or an animal welfare organization. 

This commitment is for 8-15 years depending on the breed of dog your adopting. Injured, in need for immediate help, are the dogs you find in shelters and pet hospitals like Obhoyoronno and Paws. If you contact them, they can either provide or connect you with someone who has a puppy up for adoption. That way you are contributing to a bigger cause.

Check your budget before you adopt

Before you decide to adopt a dog, do a budget check. After you have the puppy, there are costs for vaccination and spaying (optional). 

Know, that your puppy will require a lot of attention and care for the first few months, at least till it Is potty trained. And in case you are wondering how to potty train a dog, its different for different circumstances. If you can walk your dog regularly, you can train it to take care of business outside. If you have open space at your home you want to give to the cause, then you can use a paper or some stones to mark the spot you want your pup to poop in. 

Additional food costs should also be considered, as well as puppy damage (pups chew on sandals, wires, tear up cloths, etc. But that’s only till it grows its teeth). 

Know where to go

For vaccinations or spaying or other medical requirements, Dhaka residents can go to Dr Saggir Uddin who has a chamber in Lalmatia. But you can also go to Paws which is in Kazi Nazrul Islam road in Lalmatia. 

Watch your own actions to avoid bad habits

Bad habits include, allowing your puppy to wander during the training period, not being on the lookout for wrong potty spots and not doing immediate correction, feeding your pup while dining, which I, as a dog owner, consider a bad habit. 

The more you train your pup to have its own feeding spots, and potty spots the better it is for it to grow the habit. Repeat your corrections by only providing food at one spot, and placing the poop to the right spot, so the puppy can trace the smell back to where it should go to eat and poop.

Use treats to train

Treats are an effective way to reward a puppy and let it know that it has done the right thing. 

You can train to shake hands, ask it to sit and stay, easily with treats. Don’t mix treats with regular food. The puppy may not consider regular food as a reward.  And repeat the corrections till it learns to do as asked.

Don’t misunderstand the biter

Puppies bite and chew on everything. Don’t be concerned as the habit dies quickly. 

Dogs grow a new set of teeth while they grow up. The biting will need correction-ing. And a job done well can be a special store bought treat. 

Have patience and put love into it, and remove all worries if the puppy is taking time learning the new things. Time and repeated training can surely teach your pup to adapt with the family easily.