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5G is magic

  • Published at 05:36 pm April 15th, 2019
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The new generation network will completely transform flow of information, causing a paradigm shift

5G will enable lightning fast movie downloads and internet browsing. But to think of 5G simply in those terms will be underestimating its enormous power. 

Some of the real transformation will take place in how machines interact with people and with each other. It will open up new economic opportunities by transforming cities and organizations, making services possible that were unthinkable before. 

The ability to transmit massive amounts of data in incredible speed means automatic procedures will be extremely effective, allowing for unprecedented remote medical procedure, remote controling security related tasks and so on. 

A complete implementation of 5G will finally make smart cities possible which now only exist in science fictions. The concept of smart cities is based on the implementatoin of Internet of Things or IoT, which is basically the idea that all devices can communicate and share data in a seamless and meaningful fashion. 

Imagine all cars in Dhaka are communicating with each other and the central traffic ssytem and then deciding among themselves which routes will be best for which to achieve optimum traffic. While it sounds magical, it is certainly within the scope of a powerful IoT system. And IoT at that level requires transmission of unthinkable amount of data every second. That’s where 5G comes in. 

To get a more concrete picture of 5G’s data transmission capability it’s best to look at the data. The initial speed after 5G launch will be 20 times faster than what is possible with 4G. This clocks in at 1.4 gigabits per second. This means you can downlaod a full feature length movie in about 17 seconds. 

However, it has been estimated that the optimum speed 5G can achieve is even faster. Leading wireless chip maker Qualcomm said it had demonstrated peak 5G download speeds of 4.5 gigabits per second. 

Bangladesh is expected to get over one gigabits speed after the launch of 5G, as demonstrated in Robi-Huawei 5G testing last year. However, it is not clear at this point if peak speed that developed countries will likely enjoy, will be available in countries like Baangladesh. 

5G service in Bangladesh from 2021

ICT Advisor Sajeeb Wazed to the Prime Minister  said he wants to make Bangladesh among the first countries to deploy 5G. Wazed is hopeful that the country will enter the 5G along with the developing countries. 

Telecom Minister Mustafa Jabbar made bold proclaimation saying Teletak, the state-owned telecom company, will be the first to roll out 5G. He said that the government plans to offer 5G service in the country by 2021 and has started preparations regarding the rollout.

Globally, the new network will be available from this year in many countries. In the United States and South Korea have already launched 5G, somewhat hastily. 

Network that will breathe new life into technology

The most significant impact of 5G is far beyond movie downloads. The difference the new network will create, when fully implemented, will be similar to, as Masayoshi Son put it ‘the Cambrian explosion,’a biological event 500 million years ago that gave rise to complex animals different from life with simple individual cells. 

Masayoshi Son, the chairman of global business mammoth Softbank, said that the emergence of 5G will mark a turning point comparable to the ecological paradigm shift created by the the Cambrian Explosion and give “birth of a super-intelligence that will contribute to humanity.”

Among the most talked about impact that 5G will immediately have is the ability of employing driverless cars. 

Automobile manufacturers have made big advancements in driverless technologies, making autodriven cars completely possible, save for the fact that limitations in wireless communications kept the otherwise sound tech risky. 

Latency problems with 4G technology remain a big whole in the fully constructed ship. With a lag in communicating with their control centres autodriven cars can crash and cause severe damage to life and property. 

5G solves this. There is no latency with 5G. Cars and data centers can communicate without delay, making driverless cars finally possible. 

In healthcare, professionals need to wait to perform a procedure if the right perosn is not available physically. With latency gone, doctors will be able to carry out remote procedures that weren’t possible, despite the existence of the remote tech. 

But robotic help will be most used in manufacturing, allowing for fater production and likely for less cost, which can eventually lead to better economy. 

5G speed is likely to push the virtual reality technology to cross its current barriers and make VR projections seamless. In entertainment, this will be particularly felt in multiplayer VR games. But it can open up all sorts of new possibilities, in education for example, that is not possible now.