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Health and life insurance for Sajida Foundation

  • Published at 02:14 pm May 26th, 2019
Health and life insurance

As part of SAJIDA Foundation’s continuous and dedicated efforts to prioritize the health and wellbeing of SAJIDA’s employees, the Foundation has introduced Health and Life Insurance for all full-time staff, effective May 2019.

To this effect, SAJIDA Foundation signed an agreement with Pragati Life Insurance on 20th May 2019, at a formal ceremony at the SAJIDA Head Office attended by Executive Director SAJIDA Foundation, Zahida Fizza Kabir and Managing Director, Pragati Life Insurance Ltd., M. J. Azim with high officials of Executive Management Committee. The initiative reflects the organization’s values, highlighting its strong commitment to putting more than 3,500 of SAJIDA’s employees across Bangladesh, at the centre of its health care strategy and in creating a positive and nurturing environment for employees to achieve their optimal performance. This inclusive insurance package will not only provide health and life insurance for employees, but also their immediate family members (including spouse and two children) in case of employees who are married. In this case, the family will be able to avail financial benefits of up to BDT 400,000 per year (Taka 100,000 per each family member) if receiving medical services from a licensed hospital. The insurance covers both natural causes of death as well as accidental causes, where financial benefits equivalent to 50 monthly salaries will be provided in case of the former; and benefits equivalent to 100 monthly salaries will be provided in case of the latter. For all full-time employees, SAJIDA Foundation will bear the premium of the life and health insurance. 

This is among many such steps taken by SAJIDA in the interest of the organization’s employees. The organization has also incorporated a Sexual Harassment Elimination Unit to prevent and address any untoward incidences affecting its employees. Additionally, to support working mothers, SAJIDA’s Head Office houses an informal day-care as well as a room for nursing. As an equal opportunity employer, SAJIDA Foundation has taken significant strides to creating a gender-equal and gender-inclusive work environment which pays attention to the mental and physical needs of every employee.

With over 25 years of experience and expertise in development, SAJIDA Foundation has established itself nationally and internationally as a responsible, reputable, transparent, compassionate, quality-driven and innovative organization with important contribution, particularly in the country’s health sector. Alongside community health interventions, SAJIDA also ensures high quality and affordable medical care services through two hospitals based in Narayanganj and Keraniganj and also provides specialized home health care services for the Elderly. SAJIDA’s Institute of Health Science contributes to strengthening and expanding the force of health care workers in the country. SAJIDA has also partnered with international organizations to implement innovative healthcare approaches; while at the same time providing essential health care services to the vulnerable Rohingya population in Cox’s Bazar.Going beyond physical healthcare, SAJIDA has also achieved important milestones in the country’s mental health sector, by introducing specialized mental health services for children with special needs as well as world-class counseling services for adults. With the vision of health, happiness and dignity for all, SAJIDA Foundation puts into practice the concept of inclusive health care and employee wellbeing. 

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