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Digitizing the doctor’s visit

  • Published at 03:40 pm September 13th, 2020

Tweetup provides a convenient online solution to all your healthcare needs

The global pandemic has pushed forward the urgency of realizing the nation’s dream for a Digital Bangladesh. To implement the dream in the healthcare sector, two young entrepreneurs Jubayer Hassan Tamim and Foysal Ahmed have developed an advanced technological app-based online health service called “Tweetup”.  This platform eliminates hours spent at the waiting room by allowing the user to book specialist appointments, and video consultations at a convenient time. One can also use the app to buy medicine, get home tests and locate emergency blood donors. It is fast, efficient, convenient, and most importantly, can facilitate access to healthcare even for people living in rural areas.  

The Tweetup app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore

This article is being published under special arrangement as part a partnership with Tweetup