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Antemanha, a film by Amirul Arham to be aired on October 28

  • Published at 02:45 pm October 27th, 2020

Bangladeshi expatriate filmmaker, Amirul Arham’s recent film titled Antemanha will be broadcast live from SCAM in France on Wednesday. The 95 minutes long film can be watched on www.scam.fr at Bangladesh time 10.30pm on that day.

“Produced by French Night Lights Productions, the film is on French language as it is made for the French. However, the film will be available in English and German in January,” said Amirul Arham. The main roles played by Antemenha, Étienne Rolin, Amaëlle BROUSSARD, Jutta Irion- Brun and Marie-Laure Abboubi.

The lead protagonist Franco-German poet Antemanha, not only recites poetry, but also embellishes it with the seventh art form and plastic art form and embodies it in a different way. Antemanha is also a musician who presents poetry in the form of flute, saxophone, harp, piano or various musical instruments. Again, she creates diversified canvas rich in a variety of tones and colours through musical improvisations with skilled instrumentalists and artists in an instant innovation that captivated the audience.

As Antemanha loses herself in the deep exuberance of emotions and in the frenzy of creation, she again becomes vocal in her demands for social justice, protest of political imbalances and bursts into loud shouts of ‘faceless mouth’.

In the film, artists submerged in a mysterious game with designs, paintings, sound, pictures, poems and cameras in various episodes of Temp’óra in plastic art form at Bordeaux Church, where they also rehearse. Here, camera is in a subjective movement with words, rhythmic metaphors and spaces, and everyone dances to the utterance of unspoken accents.