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BanglaCAT launches trivia-based Facebook instant game

  • Published at 08:39 pm October 27th, 2020

A history that inspires leadership

Our nationality does not merely denote the country in which we were born, the colour of our passport, or the place where we were born. It is much more than that and, as such, to a great extent, forms and defines a significant portion of our respective identities. 

While most of us would not hesitate to say “Bangladeshi” when asked what our nationality is, it is perhaps time that we ask ourselves a different question: “Are we Bangladeshi enough?”

The answer will depend on each of our own definitions of what Bangladesh is. But, few would argue that our idea of Bangladesh and what it means to be Bangladeshi, is one which is informed by what we know of our nation and, perhaps more importantly, our nation’s history. 

While our history spans a mere 49 years and we are indeed a young nation, there is no denying the fact that our history, this short period of time, comprises some of the most extraordinary events carried out by even more extraordinary personalities. A journey into the past would reveal a nation filled with diverse cultures, breathtaking architecture, and incredible works of art. It would also a reveal a pool of talented artists, poets, writers, and visionaries, among others, who captured our nation and its characteristics in mesmerizing ways. 

It would also reveal the bittersweet memories of the brave souls who were a part of the struggle for our independence, sacrificing their lives for their mother tongue, spurred by intensity of democratic thought. Their conviction in the values of equality and justice, values which served as core tenets for the foundation of Bangladesh, paved the way for the Bangladesh we now see today -- a free and democratic nation, and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. 

But, how much do we know about our 49-year-old journey really? Do we, for example, know the name of the person who designed our national flag? Are we aware of our struggles after independence and how we overcame them? Do we know the names of the architects who designed the Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho and Houses of Parliament? Do we truly know our own history? 

Unfortunately, many of us don’t. When there is such a prominent connection between knowledge of our past, how we define our nation, and, subsequently, how we look at ourselves as citizens, a lack of knowledge in this regard is not an injustice to the memory of the liberation struggle, but it also results in confusion and doubt, which is exactly what has happened. 

We have created a generation of people who are unable to clearly understand who they are, unable to define their own identities, oblivious to their own past, apathetic to their nation’s current state. As such, true leaders are few and far in between, leaders who would have the conviction to carry this nation into the future, in the same way our forefathers once did. 

A source of knowledge and inspiration

Bangladesh Unlocked, launched by BanglaCAT, is a trivia-based Facebook Instant game and the first time in our nation’s history that a corporate entity has taken such an initiative,and its primary purpose is to fix this gap in our knowledge. 

As the largest provider to the energy, power and infrastructure development sectors, BanglaCAT’s contribution to Bangladesh and its economy is immense, their generators accounting for almost 40% of the national grid’s electricity production. With a vision to further enhance Bangladesh’s sustainable development in the future through long-term investments  which contribute to and improve the lives of our citizens, Bangladesh Unlocked encapsulates BanglaCAT’s dreams for Bangladesh in digital form, a medium through which you can, as the tagline says, “Know your country. Know yourself.”

In an era of increasing digitization and connectivity, at a time when there are more than 33 million Bangladeshis or almost 20% of the population who are on Facebook, Bangladesh Unlocked provides an efficient, effective, and unique to educate Bangladeshis, both home and abroad, on the fascinating history of their own nation. 

Bangladesh Unlocked is an easily-accessible avenue through which we may create a more informed nation, which may very well nurture a whole new generation of leaders with the conviction, knowledge, and principles necessary to lead Bangladesh towards a more prosperous future.