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Japanese scientists discover perfect burger eating method

  • Published at 07:07 pm December 21st, 2017
Japanese scientists discover perfect burger eating method
Developed by a handful of Japanese scientists and popularized by burger enthusiasts all over the world, Foodpanda has released guide on how to perfect your burger consumption, with particular attention paid towards not making a mess. According to a Foodpanda press release, a Japanese TV show called “Honma Dekka!?” had three researchers—experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry—try to figure out the best way to hold and eat a large hamburger by using the scientific method. The group did a comically large amount of research for their project, including construction of 3-D models of burgers to examine things like how the bun interacts with lettuce or cheese. Ultimately, though, the group concluded that there is one solid, preferred way to eat a burger: thumbs and pinkies on the bottom, middle three fingers on top. The uniformly spread fingers help keep the burger together at all times, thus keeping the contents from dribbling out preemptively.


Cutlery can be used, but is not explicitly endorsed. Much in the same vein that some Italian folk (Neapolitans) use knife and fork to eat pizzas, it isn’t despised, but frowned upon. You may use a knife to cut the burger into two equal halves, but that’s the limit. To halve correctly; carefully and tenderly push the burger down with one hand and cut it in two.

Respect the Burger

Do not press the burger down too much to make it handier, carefully pick it up from your plate. Don’t hold on too tight, just like relationships, the burger likes and needs her space.

Avoid the Sog

If you turn the burger upside down, the upper half of the bun (which is up to ⅓ bigger than the other) should soak up all the extra liquids. Any added leaf will also work as an extra natural barrier for the sauce. It is essential that all sauce remains intact within the burger and doesn’t run down your hands and arms. In essence, your burger should avoid becoming too soggy.

Get the Grip Right

Place your thumbs underneath the bun and the rest of your fingers on top. This is the most common technique for burger holding, but then we often end up wondering why the patty and the tomato are sliding out of the other side. Japanese scientists have actually found a solution for this problem. You must hold the burger with more balance. Do not merely place your thumbs under the burger but add your little fingers to the base for stability.

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