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Coronavirus: Police are the second-worst affected professionals

  • Published at 07:30 pm April 23rd, 2020
police-covid-19-corona-coronavirus-Mahmud Hossain Opu
Photo: Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

Doctors, the first line of defence among professionals, have the highest number of Covid-19 infections

The coronavirus infection is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. Police have been actively working 24 hours in the field, risking their lives, alongside health workers, including doctors and nurses.

So far, 218 police personnel have been infected by Covid-19 while performing their duties in the field. And, 652 others have been placed in institutional and home quarantine, according to the Police Headquarters.

Doctors are the largest coronavirus infected, among professionals. Founder and the chief administrator of the Bangladesh Doctors Foundation (BDF) Dr Nirupam Das told Dhaka Tribune that around 251 doctors have been infected till  11am Thursday.

Police and other professionals say that police are the second-highest coronavirus infected among the professionals.

Concerned officials said that the rate at which police members are being infected with coronavirus is alarming. Being at the front lines, police may have to face a more difficult challenge.

The newly appointed Inspector General of Police Benazir Ahmed issued a directive to officers of all ranges, metropolitans, special units, and district police via a video conference from police headquarters on Wednesday to maintain law and order during the upcoming holy Ramadan and deal accordingly with the coronavirus crisis. 

The coronavirus infected police personnel have been treated at the Central Police Hospital. Adequate medical facilities are also being maintained in other police hospitals. Besides, treatment is being organized in five departments of the country, he added.

The infected police members will be given the same medical treatment which is being provided in Dhaka. Maximum measures will be taken for their treatment, he further added. 

According to police sources, 118 out of the 218 infected are DMP officials who have been infected with the coronavirus till Wednesday. Four of them are the civil staff.

When asked why DMP police were more infected with Covid-19, DMP Deputy Commissioner (media) Masudur Rahman said that Dhaka has the highest number of police personnel, about 34,000. 

“Dhaka is the capital and over-populated. The rate of coronavirus infection is also high here. Since the rate of infection is high, we are taking responsibility in the meantime. That is why the rate of infection is proportionally higher,” he said. 

“Those who have been infected with Covid-19, we are ensuring all kinds of support to them, including treatment,” he added.

Besides, one member of the police in T&IM department, 5 members of SB, 3 members of Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP), 26 members of Gazipur Metropolitan Police (GMP), one member of Mymensingh-2 APBN, one member of River Police, one member of Anti Terrorism Unit, 16 policemen in Narayanganj, 6 of Narsingdi, 7 of Gazipur district police, 9 in Kishoreganj, 18 in Gopalganj, 3 in Sherpur, 2 in Dhaka district, and one in Munshiganj, have been infected with Covid-19.