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  • Published at 03:00 pm October 5th, 2016
  • Last updated at 04:53 pm October 5th, 2016
Schistosomas are the ideal pairing I admire most, and the research backs it too. These flat worms are no black widow, who love ‘em, then eat ‘em, hubby and children, and all. These worms I aspire to lock in a lifetime embrace. These worms don’t worry about jobs, unemployment, or rent. These worms are divine, but now they live in my digestive system.   Deep inside my intestines, wifey nestles inside hubby’s canal and makes babies, thousands of them at a time. The gynaecophoric canal it’s called, but names don’t matter to her. My intestines don’t either. Only hubby, and he knows he found wifey on a hot date in my digestive system and he’s not letting her go.   When she’s done they huddle close, cuddle as tightly as before the baby-making process. Hubby and wifey are the lifelong couple aspirations I’ve always had, but never reached. I thought I’d find my fellow schistosoma, and tie the knot, I thought I wouldn’t die unattached, but these parasitic worms found me first.