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Style and substance (part 2)

  • Published at 12:05 am October 28th, 2016
Style and substance (part 2)
We’re picking up where we left off, gentlemen. Style is in everything you do, so attracting the opposite sex isn’t as easy as putting some flashy threads.

It’s not me, it’s you

First impressions may be everything in certain situations, but focusing or highlighting good qualities of another is even more important. One of the more affective moves in harnessing the attraction of the opposite sex (or the same sex) is complimenting on their attractive features. In fact, this applies to all walks of life, not just in a romantic gesture. It’s not too difficult to say how amazing those shoes look on your colleague. Maybe your boss chose to wear something a bit more daring, but everyone else is too scared to say the wrong thing. What do you do? Go down the middle of the road to be on the safer size. Give a thoughtful look and say, “Now, that is an interesting look,” followed by a nod of approval. People love flattery, just as long as its genuine. In turn, you’ll be looked upon very favourably.

This bowl of porridge is just right

Before getting caught, one thing ol’ Goldilocks got right was her diplomatic skills. If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a fine balance to everything. You never overdo things; however, you should never hold back either. You can always play it safe when it comes to the wardrobe department, but it’s also in good nature to try something out of the ordinary. Most men are afraid of taking risks in the clothing department in fear of looking like a total clown. That’s understandable, but would it really hurt if you went into the trial room and try out a few new looks you’ve never tried on before? It doesn’t mean you should shy away from it; neither does it mean you have to walk out the store with it. Try things out first to literally, physically see if certain things would look good on you or not. And for a little reassurance, always have a very stylish friend along for the ride. They’ll be honest about how you look. It doesn’t hurt to try out a trend here and there; keep things in check in doses. Once you are completely comfortable with a uniform look, shake things up with something new.

Mind your manners, you old bloke

Prospect significant others would also like to know about your past relationships or your exes. They will never admit to it, but there’s an important factor on how you talk about your exes or past relationships. Unless the relationship was abusive, you should never speak ill of your exes. Future life-partners will not appreciate a bitter human being who can’t let go of the past. Resenting and regrets will beat your personality down gradually into something very ugly. The moment your partner starts wondering what you might say about her in the future is the moment you are screwed. This is another important factor in being a true gentleman. Yet again, this can be applied to anyone else you’ve encountered in the recent past. How you talk about others and treat others will determine the quality of the intimate journey you are about to embark on. And if she insists on knowing a few interesting facts about your ex, keep your answers short and to the point. Next, move the hell on. They’re your exes for a reason.

The little things that matter

Possibly the most significant of personal style for men are in the details. We’re talking about a classy, tasteful wristwatch, a pocket square or hell, even making a cup of tea for someone. Being nice to your neighbour, call your mother and tell her you love her, saying sorry even if it’s not your fault that someone bumped into you on the sidewalk. Unless, of course, he or she was being a complete douchebag. Yes, women are capable of being rude in public too. Try getting angry at a 10-year-old in a prom dress as she steps on your new sneakers and goes about her own business like nothing happened. Accident or not, please practice common courtesy. You have no idea how much we need that in this city. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you commute from point A to point B, it’s how you treat others with respect along the way.